Hulu should have taken a chance on the Lizzie McGuire revival

LIZZIE MCGUIRE - “Bangs” (Disney Channel/Ali Goldstein) HILARY DUFF, ADAM LAMBERG
LIZZIE MCGUIRE - “Bangs” (Disney Channel/Ali Goldstein) HILARY DUFF, ADAM LAMBERG /

How I Met Your Father is one of the latest in television reboot and spinoff trends. However, for an exciting amount of time, it appeared that Hilary Duff’s time would be spent elsewhere, returning to her iconic role as Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire in the Disney+ revival.

It seemed that fans were thrilled to see the return of Lizzie McGuire, but, sadly, it never came to be. Due to Disney’s inability to recognize Lizzie McGuire would be an adult and thus would be featured in more mature storylines, the company backed out of the already filming reboot, letting down fans in the process.

Hulu, also affiliated with Disney, could have picked up the series as the streaming service already featured more adult content. However, it never did, allowing the Lizzie McGuire revival to end before it could truly begin. Instead, Hulu picked up How I Met Your Father, a reboot of How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother concluded in a way that left viewers angry, but How I Met Your Father has hopefully learned from that mistake, already hinting at a big twist that Sophie had already met the father the night the pilot takes place.

But, as fun and bubbly as How I Met Your Father may be, it has been criticized continually by reviewers, including several references to comparing it to How It Met Your Mother.

Lizzie McGuire would have been a continuation or sequel series of the original. The show would have focussed on an older and more mature Lizzie, even if she still had some of the tendencies that made the character relatable.

Due to the age difference, it would have been harder to compare the two, given how drastically different the lifestyles of Lizzie’s character would live. A 30-year old adult lives a vastly different experience than a 13-year old middle school student.

Lizzie McGuire had been a beloved show, and those who had grown up watching it would have been overjoyed to continue Lizzie’s journey years later. Hulu could have given in to that wish, allowing a more adult yet fun story to be told for fans who would appreciate the grown-up portrayal the series had to offer.

Both shows would have acted as a reboot. But, fans probably would have been quicker to appreciate following Lizzie McGuire’s adventures as an adult, along with a group of characters they already loved, in addition to fresh faces, rather than the harder-to-love reboot How I Met Your Father.

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