Steinmetz Hall elevates the City Beautiful into a performing arts destination

Steinmetz Hall, photo provided by Dr Phillips Center
Steinmetz Hall, photo provided by Dr Phillips Center /

While the thrills and characters draw huge crowds to Orlando, the City Beautiful is more than its well-known attractions. With the addition of Steinmetz Hall to Dr. Phillips Center, Orlando has staked its claim to become a world-renowned performing arts destination.

When the lights go up on a stage, the first note or word tends to settle over the audience. Although the hope is that the person seated in the orchestra hears the same sound as the person in the balcony, the reality is that the concept is not easily mastered. Through the combination of architecture and technology, audiences are invited to experience an innovative concert hall experience.

As Steinmetz Hall celebrates its grand opening, guests are welcomed into one of the “most innovative and technologically advanced concert halls in the world.” While many people can think of world-renowned theaters, those classics are often housed in world capitals and cultural meccas. The opening of this acoustic theater in Orlando invites the world to visit and experience its splendor.

The Dr. Phillips Center has been an ambitious project. Combining public and private funds to create a locale that embraces not only the world’s best talent but also community programming, the organization made the concept of “Arts for Every Life” its driving force. While the stage can welcome world-renowned musicians one night, it can open its doors to aspiring artists the next. Each one has a place in the spotlight.

While the stunning theater will draw people to experience a live performance, the building is more than a chance to see the Royal Philharmonic, Jennifer Hudson, or the Royal Ballet. It inspires the local community to dream big. Even though other local places bring magical dreams to life and some flick their wrists to cast a spell, the live theater opens a door to real-world possibilities. Regardless of ever stepping onto the stage, that moment of immersion, diversion and hope can be the glimmer to allow others to dream big.

Since Steinmetz Hall and Dr. Phillips Center are rooted in bringing the community into this artistic space, the impact can have a wide reach. While the stage will bring in a whole new group of talent, it will also expand the audience. It might not be the mouse or the wizard that compels people to book a trip to Orlando. It could be an open seat at one of the world’s finest artistic performance venues.

Steinmetz Hall is part of Dr. Phillips Center located in downtown Orlando. For more information on upcoming performances, please visit the venue’s website.

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