Fear the Walking Dead renewed for an 8th season at AMC

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The Walking Dead prequel, Fear the Walking Dead, has been renewed for an eighth season by AMC.  The battles will continue between the living, the half-dead, and Alicia Clarke (Alycia Debnam-Carey) leading the road to, what would hopefully be survival.

In Sunday’s mid-season finale, Padre, an infected Alicia Clark declares war against Strand (Colman Domingo), and for very legitimate reasons.  He has murdered her lover and taken away everything substantial.  Now, despite being on death’s edge, she’ll fight for life and not let Strand be the “Ultimate Decider” of life and death.

The war between Alicia and Strand will be an interesting arc. Alicia has been MIA for all of season seven, except for Padre.  Yet, things are not looking so bright for her, and hopefully, Alicia will recover from the unimaginable.

In a more exciting turn of events, Kim Dickens will be returning as Madison Clark in the second half of season 7 and will be upped to a series regular in season 8.  Madison was “killed off” in the season four finale, and her character’s write-off was not the decision of Dickens, but the previous showrunners.

With Dicken’s return, how will Madison be written back in?  Will she become a part of Alicia’s and Strand’s war?  Will she be a Walker?  Or does the series have another plan for her?

AMC released the official press release for Fear the Walking Dead 7B, as well as a small sneak, peek:

"In the second half of Season 7, months have passed after the nuclear blast and the only one thriving is Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). Having built a fiefdom, he callously selects who will have a chance at life. The other members of the group have suffered immensely, but out of that, has come to a fierce determination to live, even if it means taking Strand’s Tower by force and continuing the search for Padre, a mythical place no one is sure really exists. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey,) now the reluctant leader to Teddy’s former followers, is plagued by a mysterious illness and the repercussions of her past actions. Morgan (Lennie James,) trying to maintain hope that he will be reunited with his family, knows Alicia is key to their survival. With Alicia declaring war, Strand’s paranoia and personal vendettas grow, and with that, new threats emerge from all sides."

Promotional sneak peek:

Season eight’s production will be relocated to Savannah, Georgia from Austin, Texas with a hopeful premiere date in late 2022.

7B of Fear the Walking Dead will return on April 17th, 2022.

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What did you think of the mid-season finale?  Do you have hope that Alicia will survive her infection?  Lastly, what are your thought on Kim Dickens returning?  Let us know in the comments.