Universal Orlando gives a thrilling look inside the making of VelociCoaster

Universal Photos, photos by Cristine Struble
Universal Photos, photos by Cristine Struble /

As the top hat peak beckons across the sky, VelociCoaster, aka the Apex Predator of roller coasters, has become the pinnacle of thrills and storytelling at Universal Orlando, but the making of VelociCoaster was another huge adventure. While many guests have been lining up to enjoy this extreme roller coaster experience, Peacock TV is giving thrill-seekers and Jurassic Park fans an exclusive look at the process to bring this attraction to life. In The Making of Jurassic World VelociCoaster, viewers learn to appreciate that the two-minute ride was an undertaking of immense proportions.

Long before the wall emerged around that “infamous churro stand,” the development of one of the most extreme, elaborate, and well-conceived roller coasters took shape. While the twists and turns around the lagoon of Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure, the reality is that the hunt had to take shape on storyboard and in the imagination.

In the new Peacock TV The Making of Jurassic World VelociCoaster, the program is more than just showcasing high-speed acceleration, mind blurring barrel rolls, and drops from the highest peaks. The key to this ride bringing people back time and again is the story interwoven into the thrill.

As seen in Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure, Universal Orlando appreciates that the story and the thrill must go hand in hand. While many theme parks can build towers of steel, there needs to be more to the experience than the scream.

With the VelociCoaster, guests ride again and again not just for the mind-twisting barrel roll at the end, but to discover more and more elements in the ride. From the raptors perched in the scenes to see the expansive view from the top of the world, each time offers a new detail.

Even the queue celebrates is like a search for another impeccable detail. That anticipation grows not just from the raptors staring you in the face, but the use of the actors from the movies makes people feel as if they have stepped into that experience.

What can people expect from the making of VelociCoaster?

Narrated by Mario Lopez, the Peacock TV show brings the Universal creative team to share their processes and insights behind this theme park attraction. The show features “Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative and Vice Chairman of Universal Parks & Resorts, Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Universal Creative, and project leads, Shelby Honea (Show Producer) and Greg Hall (Art Director) – along with Jurassic World filmmakers, Colin Trevorrow (Director) and Frank Marshall (Producer).”

While theme park enthusiasts and Jurassic World fans will appreciate this behind-the-scenes look, it could spark a bigger conversation beyond just one ride. Other streaming networks offer various programs that tell the story behind a ride, the process of creating a ride, and other programs of theme park experiences.

Although Peacock TV did not speculate, there could be a possibility that this type of show could happen with other Universal Orlando experiences. Some theme park fans are deeply connected to their favorite rides, this type of programming lends itself to keeping those “whoa” moments and memories in the front of the mind even though the turnstile is far behind them.

In addition, Universal Orlando and Peacock TV could use this partnership as a way to document Epic Universe, which has begun construction. Or, Universal Studios Hollywood could document the upcoming Nintendo-inspired area.

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For now, be sure to watch The Making of Jurassic World VelociCoaster” special on Peacock TV. Are you ready to experience your own “whoa” moment?