From Toy Story To Lightyear: Buzz is about to be seen in a new light

When audiences first met Buzz Lightyear during Toy Story in 1995, he was a toy who blatantly refused to believe he was not a real Space Ranger. His denial of who he was brought plenty of comedy to the original film before he accepted the truth and became an invaluable member of the family made up of Andy’s toys.

While Tim Allen voiced the original version of the character, Chris Evans will take on the role in this film. Chris Evans is no stranger to appearing as a hero in Disney films with his long history as Marvel Cinematic Universe hero Steve Rodgers/Captain America.

When Lightyear premieres, fans will meet a brand new version of the character. Described as the hero that inspired the toy, Chris Evans’ portrayal of the Space Ranger is who the toy was based on.

Lightyear‘s trailer already makes the film look different than what fans know of the original Toy Story franchise. Instead of the familiar group of toys, the movie takes on a sci-fi genre that hints at who the original Buzz Lightyear had been compared to the toy Woody and the gang would get to meet.

But, while Buzz will not be the same character audiences have known and loved, Lightyear is not without references to what fans know from the Toy Story counterpart of Buzz Lightyear.

The trailer teases the uniform that toy Buzz wears throughout the franchise and even his signature line, “To infinity and beyond.” Buzz even wears a shirt affiliated with Star Command; the group toy Buzz believed he worked with during Toy Story.

The film is meant to be an original Buzz Lightyear origin story. On a much smaller scale, Woody received similar treatment in Toy Story 2 when Woody learns the origins of how he came to be through a television show called “Woody’s Roundup.”

Just as Woody had met Jessie and learned his initial backstory, Lightyear will give audiences a broader scope of the events that brought the toy Buzz to life. Pixar’s new film will provide another form of life to a beloved character while showing him in a new light. Lightyear is set to be released on June 17, 2022.