The L Word: Generation Q season 2 finale review: What would you do?

Laurel Holloman as Tina in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Dance”. Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/SHOWTIME.
Laurel Holloman as Tina in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Dance”. Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/SHOWTIME. /

Season 2 of The L Word: Generation Q comes to a close following the aftermath of Sophie and Dani’s disastrous non-nuptials.

Last week’s episode saw Angie go off to prom despite her donor’s tenuous medical condition. Sadly, as she danced the night away, Marcus died, leaving Bette and Tina heartbroken for their daughter.

Meanwhile, a disappeared Finley finally turned up drunk out of her mind at Dani’s apartment in a true rock bottom moment. With more drama in store, let’s dive into the finale.

The L Word: Generation Q: No one likes an intervention

With Finley’s downward spiral, there’s only one logical step left in her path. Shane and Tess, Alice, Micah, and Sophie all show up at Sophie and Micah’s house to stage an intervention for her (thankfully with Micah as the built-in therapist).

Of course, it doesn’t go over well and Finley insists she doesn’t have a problem and has just had a bad run lately. Yeah, sure. Sophie responds by barely keeping it together. Despite how much she loves Finley, she can’t pretend to support her or enable her anymore and finally packs up to go stay with her family.

Naturally, Finley goes out and parties, getting so blackout drunk she nearly gets hit by a car. As her life flashes before her eyes, she sees Sophie and decides to go to rehab after all. It’s a bit gimmicky and schmaltzy, and I can’t help but think that Finley should decide to go for herself, not for her girlfriend, but at least she went.

They come apart in a way that echoes the season one finale, but this time, we can only hope they’ll come back together happier and healthier in season three.

Speaking of interventions, everyone can see what’s happening between Bette and Tina, even if the two of them can’t. After their unfinished conversation at the hospital, Bette is in deep denial about their relationship, that is until Pippa asks her the same question–if she’s still in love with Tina.

Bette continues to deny it, but then while shopping for a wedding gift for Tina and Carrie, Shane and Alice say it’s not such a crazy question. And Shane blows the drama wide open by announcing that Carrie has cold feet. If there’s a time to fight for Tina, it’s now or never.

Alice has yet another party at Dana’s. (This is a bon voyage for her book tour, I think? It’s a flimsy excuse to get everyone together, but why not center Carrie and Tina’s wedding for dramatic effect. I digress.)

Bette pulls Tina aside to finish their conversation from the hospital and attempt to answer the question that Shane had asked her while they were shopping:  “If Tina showed up at your doorstep and said she was still in love with you, what would you do?”

But before Bette can tell Tina, Carrie interrupts them, finally sick of Bette’s crap–can we blame her?–and tired of playing second fiddle in her relationship with Tina. The two break up once and for all. While it’s understandable, I’m still sorry to see Rosie go!

Tina storms up on Bette, claiming she planned for this, just in time for Pippa to walk in and see the drama unfold and declare she was right about her girlfriend’s true feelings for her ex. It’s some classic L Word messiness and we truly love to see it.

Later, at home, Bette has a sweet moment with Angie, gifting her one of Marcus’s paintings, who encourages her (in a roundabout way) to go after Pippa. Just as she’s getting ready to leave, Tina shows up at her door, making Shane’s hypothetical real, and leaving us with a cliffhanger for season three.

The L Word: Generation Q: What else happened this week?

There are some fantastic Dani and Gigi moments in the finale as Dani prepares to testify for her dad, but begins to panic. Gigi sticks up for her and basically encourages her to walk out in the middle of the trial, potential criminal contempt of court charges be damned.

Dani tries to talk to her dad, but he’s morphed into a full-on monster at this point, leaving her with Gigi as her main support system. Thankfully, Gigi is primed and ready to be that. As the two have a precious dinner with Gigi’s family, however, Dani is arrested for skipping out on her testimony.

Meanwhile, Alice gets a bad review of her book (literally just one bad review) and freaks out, standing Tom up for their date. Shane tells her it’s okay to acknowledge she’s hurt when she’s been vulnerable for the first time, so she sends Tom lobster candy by way of apology.

Tom shows up to the party and announces they’ve hit the bestseller list (Alice really has had an easy go of this book thing other than the one bad review) and they go off to celebrate, prompting one of my favorite lines of the finale from Shane:  “Honestly, I’ve never liked a guy more in my life.”

Which is a good thing considering Alice finds an engagement ring in Tom’s pocket when they leave for the book tour…

Speaking of Shane, Tess announces she has to move back to Vegas to take care of her mom and asks Shane to come with her. Shane tells her she can’t leave, but that she’s in love with her. It looks like they’ll do long-distance, but the finale leaves it in an ambiguous place.

As hard as these two have fought to be together, and as much as Shane has seemed to have grown, let’s hope a little distance doesn’t kill it before it begins.

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That’s a wrap for this season of The L Word: Generation Q. We’ll see you next season. Tell us what you thought of the finale in the comments below!