The L Word: Generation Q season 2 episode 9 review: Prom night

(L-R): Leisha Hailey as Alice, Katherine Moennig as Shane and Jamie Clayton as Tess in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Dance”. Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Leisha Hailey as Alice, Katherine Moennig as Shane and Jamie Clayton as Tess in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Last Dance”. Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME. /

Season 2 of The L Word: Generation Q is winding down following the aftermath of Sophie and Dani’s disastrous non-nuptials.

Last week’s episode saw everyone gather for the launch of Alice’s book as Finley refused to deal with the seriousness of her DUI and Shane took things to the next level with Tess. Meanwhile, Micah and Maribel, and Bette and Pippa made up and reunited as well. With more drama in store, let’s dive into this week’s episode.

The L Word: Generation Q: “Prom is terrible”

While prom is quickly approaching, Angie still wants to meet her donor, Marcus, so Bette and Tina take her to the hospital, only for Marcus and his family to change their minds at the last moment. Angie is understandably heartbroken, putting her in a bad mental state for the massive teenage milestone.

While Shane, Tess, and Alice join Bette and Tina at Bette’s house for the prom, Angie’s mood darkens, coming to a head during pictures when she and Jordi get into a fight and Jordi blames Angie’s donor for the reason she’s in a bad mood, continuing Jordi’s very stereotypical teenaged lack of empathy for Angie’s situation.

Understandably, Angie snaps and goes to her room while Bette and Tina send the rest of the kids to prom. In what has become my favorite trope of the show, Alice and Shane comfort Angie and validate her feelings, giving her the choice to still go to prom or make up with Jordi another time.

But, of course, Angie decides to go to prom, and Bette and Tina decide to go back to the hospital to see if Marcus is willing to rethink meeting Angie. As they wait, a suspicious Tina, who doesn’t understand Bette’s beef with Carrie, finally asks Bette if she’s still in love with her.

But before Bette has a chance to answer, they’re called back to see Marcus. While he ultimately agrees and Jordi and Angie make up, the tentative happiness doesn’t last long as Marcus soon flatlines and apparently dies, all as Angie and Jordi dance away at prom.

Meanwhile, after refusing to face up to the DUI, Finley disappeared entirely with Sophie frantically searching for her all throughout this week’s episode. It’s clear that Sophie is wrestling with the relationship, understandably so.

As much as she loves Finley, it’s terrifying to be with someone who is truly hitting rock bottom in such a scary way. And Finley doesn’t help matters by finally turning up at Dani’s apartment, of all places, peeing in the hallway, and then belligerently telling Dani she has everything while Finley herself has nothing.

When Sophie shows up to collect Finley, the look on her face is one of embarrassment and heartbreak all at once, as she apologizes to a concerned Dani. Where these relationships go from here, only the finale will tell.

The L Word: Generation Q: What else happened this week?

Alice continues the promotion of her book, including lots of interviews wanting to know who she’s dating. While the media has proclaimed her a lesbian icon, Alice is, of course, bi and has to come out as such once again and tell the world she’s dating a man.

Similarly, Maribel hasn’t yet told her family that she and Micah are dating, leaving them to place all of their scrutinies on Sophie’s relationship with Finley and make the assumption that Maribel simply doesn’t date.

A frustrated Sophie finally outs Maribel’s relationship, and while the family is confused about Micah’s identity, Maribel quickly responds to them in Spanish and shuts them down. Later while they watch a movie, Micah tells her he doesn’t speak Spanish well, but did pick up the word, “amor.” Yes, these two continue to be absolutely adorable.

Finally, thanks to some protests ostensibly led by Bette and Pippa, Dani pulls the donation. This whole storyline has been quite convoluted, but apparently, the Nunez family is like the Sacklers in terms of opioids, which is why Bette is so sensitive about the money since Kit died from addiction. However, this begs the question of why she took Dani under her wing in the first place?

Regardless, due to the stress, Dani bails on Gigi’s son’s concert and lies to her about the reason why. When Gigi catches her, she calls her out and these two are shockingly great together. We’re here for it.

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