Nancy Drew is back and her town is embracing her detective work

Nancy Drew is back for season 3, and with it comes a new murder mystery, a relative that should be dead, and now a town embracing all things Drew Crew sleuthing.

In the premiere episode of Season 3, Nancy Drew found herself dealing with the stress of college admissions (both the wait and the eventual defeat when she was denied entrance). But of course, that’s not all she had to contend with, as she also found not one, but two dead bodies.

And while the town has a new expert in their midst courtesy of the FBI, the people of Horseshoe Bay are all Team Nancy Drew. Or at least, that’s what it seems like when the police don’t have an answer about the double murders that satisfies their fears. Instead, they turn to Nancy to see what she has to say.

While she makes it clear that she will defer to the police (the profiler is watching her after all), we all know that’s not exactly how Nancy Drew rolls. And by the end of the episode, we see just how much the town trusts Nancy as they hand her the badge for her new role as official police liaison for the town council.

Nancy Drew has two murders to solve, even as the town stands behind her

This was an episode light in murder solving, but heavy in the reminder that Nancy Drew is a hometown girl. And her hometown wants to see her succeed.

No matter what happens, they clearly seem to believe in her and her abilities as the “girl detective.” All of which we love to see.

But, as far as the detective work, we need more of that, because it was pretty lacking in this premiere. While it certainly made sense, we always want more.

As a side note, I admit that I am loving the my two dads vibes we have going on in the Drew-Hudson household. Ryan and Carson are doing what they can to be an active part of Nancy’s life. And it looks like it is working since Nancy even invites Ryan to come with her on her investigation. Plus, seeing everyone openly talking about the mystery when the episode ends was nice to see for a change.

Hopefully, we get more of the Ryan-Carson-Nancy dynamic moving forward, even as we also want more of the actual detective work that makes the Drew Crew so much fun to watch.

But what did you think? Did you enjoy the Season 3 premiere of Nancy Drew? What are you hoping to see in the third season? We want to know.