The aliens have landed on American Horror Story and nothing makes sense

American Horror Story season 10: Double FeatureAHS - Key Art. CR: FX
American Horror Story season 10: Double FeatureAHS - Key Art. CR: FX /

American Horror Story: Double Feature has moved away from the New England coastline and has found itself in New Mexico and the west coast of the country where aliens have apparently landed (or even crash-landed). But at this point, nothing makes sense, except that Amelia Earhart was apparently abducted by aliens and exploding heads are to be expected.

I’ll admit, the transition from “Red Tide” to “Death Valley” was not seamless. In fact, this is a complete 180 in all ways. And not only that, but even the transitions from 1954 to today was rough. It was like they didn’t have enough time to tell the story they needed to in this first episode of the second half of Season 10, so they rushed to fit as much in as possible.

Obviously, it is going to take more than one episode to get into the swing of the aliens storyline on American Horror Story, but we don’t actually have that much time left. We can only hope that in the next episode we get more of an understanding of what is happening and why, because it genuinely doesn’t make sense how we went from the President not only seeing an alien autopsy but actually speaking to an alien, to four college kids getting impregnated by aliens (based on that final scene).

American Horror Story is diving into their alien storyline

It’s too early to really judge the new take on aliens that American Horror Story is giving us with the second half of Double Feature, but at this point, they are definitely not giving us the same vibes as the first episode of “Red Tide”. At least in that episode we already had a well-developed plot and story that we could follow.

Maybe the issue with this episode is the fact that it started with a flashback of sorts that wasn’t just the abduction/possession scene and they did a deeper dive. It felt like that should have been the entire focus of the episode rather than jumping to the modern day.

We will have to see how the next episode takes the story forward because right now it just feels like some random alien parody and not an episode of American Horror Story.

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But what did you think? Did you enjoy this first look at the new AHS aliens? Were you a fan of the two different time periods shown? We want to know.