American Horror Story proved that selfishness is the real horror

American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Finn Wittrock as Harry Gardner. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX.
American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Finn Wittrock as Harry Gardner. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX. /

There have been a number of themes represented across the 10 seasons of American Horror Story. But in season 10 it is all about selfishness.

For the first half of American Horror Story: Double Feature, which is titled “Red Tide”, we have watched as people with a talent turned to a mystery pill in order to enhance those gifts. If you were truly talented, your gift would flourish and you would be at the top of your craft, the only problem is your need for blood. But, if you weren’t as talented as you believed you were, you ended up a more mindless creature, hunting for blood, stalking the town where you were made.

It’s an interesting theme as a whole. However, it is the selfishness of the characters that really came to light in this season.

Here’s the thing, in some cases, we got to see that other people’s selfishness and general nastiness is what led to taking the little black pill (as is the case of Belle and Auston). But for the most part, it was the idea of what they could get from taking the pill that led people down this path.

American Horror Story gives us selfishness as a motivator

When American Horror Story season 10 kicked off, we met Harry Gardener. He was an author dealing with writer’s block, while also trying to hold his family together. But it doesn’t take long for him to succumb to the pill because of a need to be successful.

And then we see his daughter, Alma, take the pill. The results are horrifying. It proved that this is a girl who embodies the idea of selfishness in a lot of ways. She is so determined to be the best of the best that she doesn’t care who she hurts.

But all of this comes to a head in the fifth episode of the season, “Gaslight.” Here we see Harry and Alma, along with his agent Ursula, actively gaslighting Doris following the birth of the couple’s son.  And then we see what amounts to the ultimate betrayal, Alma convincing her mother to take the pill knowing it will turn her into a mindless monster.

According to Alma and Ursula, this was an intentional plan to get rid of Doris. They wanted her gone so bad because she was in their way. They didn’t care that she was Alma’s mother or that she had just had a child. It is all about them and what they want.

But perhaps the worst thing is when Harry admits that maybe this is the best thing for HIM because it meant that their “breakup” would be much easier on them both. It was like he realized that she was holding him back.

Maybe it’s me, but these people are all about themselves and what they want. They don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. And they don’t care if that means hurting an infant, killing other people, or even destroying a family.

American Horror Story is giving us selfishness and even greed this season. And it is all the proof we need that this is a season where the real horror is our own actions.

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What do you think fellow American Horror Story fans? Do you think this season has been amplifying the idea of selfishness as a theme? What other themes are you seeing this season? We want to know.