Passionflix’s Seduction And Snacks: Interview with Mela Green, Vince Hill-Bedford

Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock
Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock /

There are romantic comedies, and then there are Tara Sivec stories. And when Seduction & Snacks hits Passionflix on October 28, 2021, it’s guaranteed to be one of the funniest movies to ever hit the romance streaming service. I had a chance to chat with stars Mela Green and Vince Hill-Bedford ahead of the movie’s premiere to learn more about them and find out what it was like working on the film.

Green plays Claire, a young woman out for a night of fun at a party in college when she meets a mysterious guy who captures her attention. Their attraction is instant, and Claire decides that he’s absolutely worth giving up her V-card. Later on, she discovers that their one night together led to an unplanned pregnancy and Claire has been raising Gavin on her own for years.

Carter has never stopped thinking about the woman he spent the night with, and the attraction to her is as strong as ever even though years have passed. He wasn’t even a student at the college where he’d attended the party so he had no way of finding her after an unfortunate series of events kept him from connecting with her the next morning.

Years later they connect again. Hilarity ensues.

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Mela Green was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she’s as comfortable doing improv and singing as she is acting. She appeared at the Teatro Colón when she was 9, a major accomplishment for any actor, and this ignited her passion for being an actor. “[Acting] is what I grew up in,” she said. “I love it. It’s so much fun to walk into a world that’s not real, and you have to make it real.”

Vince Hill-Bedford hails from West Des Moines, Iowa. His passion for acting came from auditing an acting class after coming to Los Angeles to pursue modeling. Unbeknownst to him, the teacher called upon students auditing the class to get up on stage. “I’ve never acted before in my life and it was improv night,” he recalled with a laugh. Ironically, that experience changed his outlook completely and he started pursuing acting from that moment forward.

Both actors have a deep love for the outdoors, which helps them stay rooted between projects. When she’s not working, Green takes classes (including a class with fellow Passionflix actor Olivia Applegate from the Driven Series) and she also does music. In fact, she’s been hard at work on a new EP and that’s keeping her very busy.

They were both instantly drawn to the Seduction & Snacks script because it’s so vastly different from other romantic comedies out there. Green says she has friends who have been through similar experiences as Claire while Hill-Bedford appreciates Carter’s plight as a new dad because in real life he’s the uncle to a whole cadre of nieces and nephews.

Hill-Bedford admits that he’s not great at social media  – “I suck at it,” he said – but when he was announced as Carter the love he felt from fans was intense. “It’s been absolutely incredible,” he said. “Everyone has been so kind. Everyone who is a lover and supporter of Passionflix has been absolutely incredible.”

I was surprised to discover that this was Hill-Bedford’s first interview. (He nailed it!) As soon as Green and Hill-Bedford both connected on the Zoom call, they started catching up. Green was shocked to see Hill-Bedford’s hair so blonde now, given that he had dyed it (and cut it) for the movie.

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Stay tuned for more interviews with the cast of Seduction & Snacks in the weeks to come, including an exclusive interview with the books author Tara Sivec.

Seduction & Snacks premieres October 28, 2021, on Passionflix.