American Horror Story takes the tortured writer trope to a whole new level

American Horror Story season 10: Double FeatureAHS - Key Art. CR: FX
American Horror Story season 10: Double FeatureAHS - Key Art. CR: FX /

American Horror Story decided to kick off their tenth season, Double Feature with a bang. And what better way to do that than with back-to-back episodes. But these weren’t just your average season premieres. This was full-on action and horror brought forward immediately.

Usually, American Horror Story starts off slow and then builds up to the monsters and horror of the season. But not this time. Right from the very first episode, we see evil.

But the thing that made this new season a winner already is the fact that they are really taking the tortured writer trope to a whole new level. I mean we start with a writer dealing with the dreaded writer’s block and then we get to see what happens if a writer tries to find an alternative to that block in the form of drugs.

And while the drugs in this case are basically transforming a person into what amounts to a vampire of sorts, it’s still an interesting case study in its own way.

American Horror Story takes on the tortured writer trope while giving us their take on vampires

Honestly, if these really are vampires, we have a lot of questions. And if they aren’t actually vampires, what are they? Are these sirens? What is in that drug that Harry Gardner took? How exactly does this work?

When it comes to American Horror Story, they don’t usually go all in this quick, but we are so glad they did. Now we have more than just one mystery to solve, we have a story that has already hooked us.

We want answers and we want to know what this means for Harry’s daughter. But that’s not all we want to know, because we also have questions about Sarah Paulson’s Tuberculosis Karen. Like how did she get to this point and what is she doing for Frances Conroy’s Belle Noir?

This season has started off with a bang and just left us wanting more. And it is about time because honestly, we were starting to worry that the series had lost its edge.

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But what did you think of the premiere of American Horror Story: Double Feature? Were you as engaged with the storyline as we were? What did you think of the idea of the tortured writer using a pill to become inspired? And do you have thoughts about the blood-sucking? We want to know.