It’s official: Emma Stone will return as Cruella for the Disney sequel

Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s live-action CRUELLA. Photo by Laurie Sparham. © 2021 Disney Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserve
Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s live-action CRUELLA. Photo by Laurie Sparham. © 2021 Disney Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserve /

Emma Stone will officially be making a comeback as the fur-loving villainess Cruella in Disney’s upcoming Cruella sequel. The deal negotiation follows after the Scarlett Johansson/Disney legal mess surrounding Black Widow’s premiere release on Disney+, and Disney clearly wants to move forward from it.

Cruella was originally released back in May 2021, taking in more than $222 million worldwide.  The live-action prequel to the 101 Dalmations franchise was dual released in theaters and on Disney+ for  $29.99 with Premiere Access in response to the pandemic.  Despite this, the film was a successful launch for Disney and only fed on that success in the weeks following.

However, it’s unclear whether the Cruella sequel will once again be simultaneously released both on the streamer and in theaters. We likely won’t know anything on that front for some time, as it will likely depend on whether the global COVID-19 pandemic is still raging and if people desire to venture to the theaters.  Furthermore, the sequel’s premiere date has not yet been determined.

Stone’s representative from the WME talent agency, Patrick Whitesel,l gave a quote to Deadline about his client’s new film deal:

"“While the media landscape has been disrupted in a meaningful way for all distributors, their creative partners cannot be left on the sidelines to carry a disproportionate amount of the downside without the potential for upside. This agreement demonstrates that there can be an equitable path forward that protects artists and aligns studios’ interests with talent. We are proud to work alongside Emma and Disney, and appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize her contributions as a creative partner. We are hopeful that this will open the door for more members of the creative community to participate in the success of new platforms.”"

In Cruella, the prequel told the sad story of the villainess’s childhood. her rise to the top of London’s fashion scene in the 1970s punk era, and her name change from Estella to Cruella.  Alongside Stone, Emma Thompson played The Baroness, with Joe Fry and Paul Walter Hauser portrayed her two sidekicks, Jasper and Horace.  It has not been disclosed whether they’ll return to their respective roles in the sequel.

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