Will Halloween Horror Nights 30 have 11 haunted houses?

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With tickets now on sale and after the recent announcement of Halloween Horror Nights Icons Captured haunted house, observant website users noticed a secret posted on the Halloween Horror Nights 30 page. Although counting can be a struggle for some, it appears that there could be 11 haunted houses at this year’s Universal Orlando event. Is this blank box a cruel trick or something menacing ahead?

As the kids head back to school and the calendar quickly approaches fall, it is more than another pumpkin spice announcement that gets people excited. For Halloween fans, the countdown to a night of thrills and chills makes the spooky season a welcome diversion from summer.

Recently, signs all around Universal Orlando point to the terrifying return of Halloween Horror Nights. As the scare zones begin to take shape, guests feel that pit in their stomachs start to grow. Is another fright lurking behind that corner or is it just another kid having a meltdown that summer is over?

According to the HHN website, the haunted house page shows the previously announced houses. They include The Haunting of Hill House, Beetlejuice, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Bride of Frankenstein Lives, and Halloween Horror Nights Icons Captured.

But, keen observers saw that there are a total of 11 boxes listed on the website. While six of the 11 boxes are labeled “coming soon,” the unknown isn’t what got people excited. It was the addition of an eleventh house.

Previously, the most houses that have appeared at an HHN were 10. For the Halloween event newbie, that number is significant. Anyone who has tried to experience every house, all the scare zones, and other events appreciates that it can be a lot. To say that it is sensory overload at times is an understatement. Then again, Universal knows what scares you.

Adding an eleventh house is a big statement, which is fitting for the 30th anniversary of this Halloween event. Even if Universal Orlando brings back a classic favorite or has a smaller experience, it is still a big undertaking.

What do fans want to see as the 11th haunted house as Halloween Horror Nights 30?

Although fans’ opinions will not impact the experience this year, many people are happy to speculate about what should or should not be included in this year’s event. The decisions on the themes were made a long time ago and it is doubtful that anything would really change this late in the game.

Looking at the current list, it would be nice to see some more original programming houses. In the previous years, the original themes often were quite scary. From the depths underwater to terrifying crypts, these new storylines were sometimes more frightening than the stories that people know so well.

At the same time, many people want to experience those off the movie screen moments. Halloween III has been a hot topic with HHN fans. Classic characters are making a return in other areas, which seems like it could be a theme throughout the event.

Also, it is interesting that a Blumhouse offering has not yet been released. Usually, one of those production company’s storylines finds its way to Universal Orlando. Maybe there could be a trip to Fantasy Island ahead.

As the calendar pages turn to the start of Halloween Horror Nights 30 on September 3, the reveals will come in fast and furious. While everyone might be part of this family, there are more frightening twists than a fast-speed chase with Dom Tereto.

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What has been your favorite Halloween Horror Nights house? What addition would you like to see at Halloween Horror Nights 30?