Lucie Brochard and Joshua Scacheri discuss their wedding collaboration on Making the Cut season 2

Making the Cut. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video
Making the Cut. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

While Making the Cut season 2 has brought innovative fashion to its Amazon store, in the recent episode Lucie Brochard and Joshua Scacheri found that wedding bliss in their collaborative effort. While the pair have their own personal style aesthetic, the joint effort proved to be the memorable look that any bride or groom would want on their special day.

On various fashion competition shows, collaboration challenges can have an underlying power struggle. While one fashion designer might want their voice to be the predominate one, the final look that walks the runway can be exemplify that juxtaposition. Instead of seamlessly blending the best parts of each approach, the jagged edges are only heightened.

For Making the Cut season 2, the collaboration assignment came early in the season and the theme was quite daunting. The pairs had to create three looks for a wedding. One for the two people getting married and an accessible look drawing inspiration from the other two.

While all of the looks were lovely, one pair clearly appreciated the collaboration assignment the most. Lucie Brochard and Joshua Scacheri earned praise, specifically for their assessible piece.

Joshua Scacheri discusses the wedding collaboration assignment on Making the Cut season 2.

During a recent conversation with Joshua, he shared a touching connection to this wedding collaboration challenge. He said, “think this wedding challenge was a little bit more closer to home because I was supposed to get married last year and Italy to my partner and it got cancelled due to COVID. So when this challenge came up, it was kind of like, wow, this is, you know, perfect moment to celebrate our marriage for next year.”

In some ways, that personal connection could be felt in the pieces shown. Joshua believes that when “any designer created with emotion and meaning it just comes out better.” In this case, Joshua and Lucie used his wife as their muse. More importantly, the two designers felt that they were aligned aesthetically.

Even though the pair did not get to choose each other, Joshua believes that “there was an instant connection.” Also, he believes that “it’s important to work with people that you get along with.” All of the pieces had elements of both of the designers woven within them.

While that wedding day is one moment in time, Joshua believes that there can be elements that extend beyond that single day. Whether it is a well cut suit that can be worn again or the accessible piece that is more than just a wedding dress, having versatility in the closet is key.

Still, Joshua encourages an element of timelessness in the wedding looks. When looking back at those pictures years later, people would prefer those fond memories versus a sense of questioning.

After the launch of Joshua’s new line, LOVE HERO, it will be interesting to see if some of these looking inspire more items in his line. Maybe a collaboration with Lucie could be on the vision board.

Lucie Brochard inspires confidence in her designs

While she had a misstep in a previous challenge, Lucie Brochard soared to the win in Making the Cut season 2’s wedding challenge. The collaboration with Joshua wowed the judges. From the stunning bridal gown to the accessible look, her aesthetic enthralled fashion mavens.

Lucie Brochard Making the Cut Season 2
Making the Cut. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

Lucie felt that her collaboration with Joshua was an easy one. While she has worked with other designers in different circumstances, she felt that this partnership was strong, especially in the pressure filled moment.

Since this challenge focused on a wedding, Lucie shared that she felt it was important to draw inspiration from the moment. Looking at her bridal gown, it was as stunning from the front as it was from the back. As anyone who has been to a wedding appreciates, the back of the gown might be seen more than the front.

Looking at this particular design, Lucie shared how it was important to create movement and flow. How will she look as she is walking, how will she feel comfortable, and how will she embody confidence.

Even though these designs had wow factors, Lucie brings little elements into the look that are personal to the woman. From ensuring that there are pockets in a gown to thinking about the occasion where it will be worn, the reality is that Lucie is quite a thoughtful designer.

At the heart of many of the looks that she creates is giving the woman who wears it confidence. Whether it is the structure of the design, the color choices or the movement, all of those items combine to make the woman, herself, shine.

In this particular challenge, Lucie shared how she thought about the two different dress as a way to give the bride options. While that ceremony look was a grand vision walking down the aisle, the accessible look allowed her to dance the night away afterwards.

For her, the opportunity to be on Making the Cut Season 2 allowed her to listen and learn from the commentary. But, she is proud of who she is and is confident in herself. While she can grow from the feedback, at her core, her fashion vision remains clear.

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Making the Cut season 2 can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes arrive on Fridays. In addition, the winning looks are available in the Making the Cut Season 2 Amazon store.