Geoffrey Mac, Project Runway Season 18 winner, an exciting future ahead

PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Geoffrey Mac -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo)
PROJECT RUNWAY -- Season:18 -- Pictured: Geoffrey Mac -- (Photo by: Joe Pugliese/Bravo) /

Geoffrey Mac was crowned Project Runway Season 18 winner after an epic collection presentation. As seen in his collection, his future and fashion’s future is exciting.

In many ways, Geoffrey Mac, the Season 18 winner, brought a unique vision to both Project Runway and the runway. While some looks might push the envelope, his perspective has elements that can be adapted to almost any wardrobe. Doesn’t fashion’s future look bright?

Throughout Project Runway Season 18, Geoffrey had some high points and some frazzled moments. In some ways, those moments of indecision showcased how much this opportunity meant to him. Anyone can pick an easy design, throw away fabric or a safe choice. Geoffrey never seemed to play it safe.

In many ways, Geoffrey had the best trajectory in Project Runway Season 18. Although there were low moments, he kept listening to the judges’ feedback. Whether it was pulling back some of his designs to smart styling, he understood that part of the Project Runway growth curve is implementing feedback.

The biggest takeaway from Geoffrey in this Project Runway season is that he found a perfect balance between editorial fashion and real world wearability. Looking at his finale collection, some people might not be able to wear his massive puffer coats, but they could adapt aspects of each look to their every day lives.

In many ways, Geoffrey inspired fashionistas to look at fashion through a different lens. Sure, the regular woman might not wear a sleeve boob, but an unexpected sleeve placement could be a trend. The idea is to see beyond just the immediate idea on the runway.

Additionally, Geoffrey knew that he needed to accept his mistakes. Whether it was the iron mishap or a too high of a slit, he listened. In a way, this season was about accepting each challenge as a way to grow.

Still, the biggest takeaway that everyone can appreciate from Geoffrey was that he pushed to achieve his dream. Whether it was overcoming a setback or working through a workroom mishap, he never stopped pursuing his goal.

After the finale, Project Runway Season 18 winner, Geoffrey Mac, graciously answered some questions for Culturess.

Culturess: In Project Runway, you seemed to grow in confidence after each challenge. Did you gain confidence throughout the season?

Geoffrey Mac: My confidence did grow with every challenge. I had a lot of anxiety around the competition. I am not only an incredibly competitive person, but also a very private person.

This combo took a lot of getting used to. My nerves gave me panic for the first half of the competition. Eventually I got into the flow and began to gain confidence and calm down.

Culturess: Sometimes it appeared that you were flustered by the chaos and time constraints. How hard was it to stay focused in the competition?

Geoffrey: I have never had these time restraints on a design project before. I am used to beating the clock in construction, but always give myself time to get inspired and find the right design.

This new timed process threw me for a loop for sure. Nerves on max.

Culturess: In the Vessel avant-garde look, you showed a latex look that impressed everyone. Why did you wait till the end of the competition to show this type of look?

Geoffrey: There are so many other garments that are conducive to a “regular” workroom, only latex has a lot of unusual requirements for construction. I finally got the nerve to try to make something latex for the finale. I had to come up with something great and showcase a different skill set that would seal the deal!

Culturess: You have created some very dramatic stage pieces, what is the difference between making looks for the runway versus the stage?

Geoffrey: Stage pieces tend to be more Avant-grade, where the runway is more focused on more wearable garments that are sales driven.

Culturess: It seems the Project Runway experience was very emotional for you; why did this fashion competition mean so much to you?

Geoffrey: This competition means the world to me. I have always taken my work very seriously. I am emotionally invested in everything I do as an artist.

Culturess: How did you feel when the judges crowned you winner?

Geoffrey: I couldn’t believe I actually won. I felt like I was being crowned Mr. America.

It is the proudest moment of my entire life. The joy on my mother’s face was absolutely priceless. Everyone has been overwhelmingly proud of me and it has been nothing but love.

Culturess: What is next for you?

Geoffrey: I’m currently exploring options and there are a lot of different directions I am excited about and I have to narrow them down and get a focus. Whatever it is it will be very exciting to say the least.

Geoffrey Mac is the designer behind his namesake brand.

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Which look from Geoffrey was your favorite? Do you think that he will be the next name in fashion?