Aquaman 2 will give Jason Momoa comic accurate hair for some reason

It's time for a close-up with Jason Momoa now that he's finally unveiling his "Aquaman."Xxx Portrait 0106 Jpg L Ca
It's time for a close-up with Jason Momoa now that he's finally unveiling his "Aquaman."Xxx Portrait 0106 Jpg L Ca /

Jason Momoa has at last given us an update on the Aquaman sequel – but it wasn’t the news we were expecting. The actor revealed on his Instagram that he will be rocking blonde hair in the upcoming DC film that just started principal photography with its lead. Why, though?

Filming on his phone, Momoa told his followers that he was currently in England and would begin shooting the next day. In a small twist, he revealed that his brown hair would be no more. “This is the last day of the brown,” he said while pulling at his curly locks. “I’m gonna be a blonde. Supposedly, I’m more fun…I don’t know about that,” he joked.

It is unclear if he’ll keep his long, curly hair or if he’ll be trimming it down to a shorter, more comics-accurate style but we’re really hoping for the former. The change seems almost a bit pointless at this point, what with him already having appeared in two films with his dark brown hair. Maybe it’ll be back to the Justice League style with blonde streaks? And it won’t be so bad. Right? ….right?

Jason Momoa reveals he’ll sport blonde hair for the Aquaman sequel

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to ride on the massive success of the first solo film. Raking in over a whopping 1 billion at the box office (despite mixed reviews), it has a lot to live up to. Though with a title like the “Lost Kingdom”, we’re sure to be diving into Atlantis headfirst after seeing it briefly in the first film.

Most of the main cast from the first film have signed on to the project with Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe being notable exceptions. Another curious casting that’s missing is Randall Park, who appeared as Doctor Stephen Shin in the mid-credits of the first film. He’s a marine biologist obsessed with Atlantis. Is that not the perfect character to be included in the film? About Atlantis?! There’s still time for them to be announced, I suppose.

No other details about the film have been released. That’s including whether the story that director James Wan came up with for failed spinoff, The Trench, will be used in this movie in some way. We have a lot of questions, but I will not be comfortable until I know whether or not Jason Momoa is going to look just as amazing with long blonde hair.

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What do you think of the news? Were you one of the fans who wanted a more comic-accurate look or are you on Team Brunette? Let us know!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will swim into theaters on December 16, 2022.