46 thoughts I had watching the Fear The Walking Dead season 6 finale

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 closes out a truly epic run with this week’s season finale, “The Beginning”.  In last week’s episode, Morgan and the others failed to stop Teddy’s plan to deploy missiles from the beached sub in an effort to bring his vision of the rebirth of the world into reality. Only one missile was launched, but that missile was packed with ten warheads. Now the survivors must either try to survive or accept their fate.

The episode is a collection of vignettes showing how the scattered small groups are preparing for the end or trying to fight to survive. Some storylines are resolved, and others are just getting started. If season 7 has the same format and quality that this run of episodes has had it will be a fantastic season. Hopefully, the show has finally found solid footing and will continue to grow and push the boundaries of genre TV.

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 episode 16, “The Beginning,” airs on AMC+ on Thursday, June 10th, and on AMC on Sunday, June 13th. But there are spoilers everywhere so if you’re trying to avoid finding out anything before you watch, you should tread lightly on social media.

You can watch the sneak peek of Fear The Walking Dead 616 “The Beginning” here:

But the official sneak peek doesn’t even begin to convey the epic scale of this episode.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 finale reactions

1.       Love the look of this episode.

2.       This is BLEAK. Yikes.

3.       WTF?

4.       Oh that is gnarly. GNARLY. Oh my God.

5.       Damn girl. Damn.

6.       What are you doing?

7.       Is she really gonna? No, girl, no. No. No.

8.       Mothers. NEVER underestimate what a mother will do for a child.

9.       This is the darkest the show has ever gone. DAMN.

10.   All the feels. ALL OF THEM.

11.   That title card is bonkers. SO GOOD.

12.   Squad up!

13.   I don’t believe you.

14.   Poor Daniel.

15.   Daniel knows something is off. Trust Daniel. Always.

16.   Whoa!

17.   Didn’t see that coming.

18.   I KNEW IT!

19.   I love them so much.

20.   It’s what they deserve.

21.   YASS! Please, more of this in season 7.

22.   Die. Die twice.

23.   You do have something wrong with you.

24.   John Glover everyone. A gift to us.

25.   UGH is this necessary?

26.   I don’t care for this.

27.   No redemption. NO REDEMPTION ARC.

28.   This has dragged on way too long,


30.   UGH. We deserved better than this.

31.   Still a fighter.

32.   The look of this episode is so good. SO GOOD.

33.   Interesting introduction.

34.   Strand gonna Strand.

35.   Can’t talk your way out of a blast.

36.   LIAR!

37.   My heart can’t take this.

38.   No. NO. DEAR GOD NO.

39.   B L E A K.

40.   OMG. OMG! WHY are you doing this to us WHY?!

41.   WTF? YASSS!

42.   I’m gonna need this story immediately.

43.   Nope. No one cares about you.

44.   Visually amazing. EPIC,

45.   You don’t deserve it.

46.   Strand gonna Strand harder.

Fear The Walking Dead went bigger than ever this season and it paid off. The anthology format, upgraded writing, and the addition of amazing actors like John Glover helped create a new path forward for Fear. Season 7 is going to be a must-see season as the survivors try to figure out how to live through a second apocalypse.

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