How many Gabriel’s Rapture movies will there be?

BTS filming Gabriel's Rapture; Tosca Musk, Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti (2021)
BTS filming Gabriel's Rapture; Tosca Musk, Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti (2021) /

The cast of Gabriel’s Rapture is back at work on the second book in Sylvain Reynard’s beloved Gabriel Series. This time they’re in Atlanta after wrapping the Italian leg of filming earlier this year. Once they finish in Georgia there will only be a few loose odds and ends to film before the movies head into post-production. So how many Gabriel’s Rapture movies will there be?

Passionflix CEO Tosca Musk, who also serves as the director on the project, is more concerned with telling the story faithfully than worrying about the precise number of movies being made. Gabriel’s Inferno, the first book of the series, was turned into three full-length feature films and there is every reason to believe that Gabriel’s Rapture will also become three movies.

With so many alluring details on every page, it makes sense that Rapture will also become three movies, and while we wait for the movies to arrive it’s fun to imagine how the book will be split into three movies.

Gabriel’s Rapture to likely become three movies

As is the case with all Passionflix movies, the mission is to bring a book to life as faithfully as possible. Screenwriter Mary Pocrnic has the tough task of translating the book into screenplays, but her work on Gabriel’s Inferno proves she’s equal to the task.

When Gabriel’s Inferno Part 1 was released, I was pleased to notice that I’d guessed where the first installment would end. It became a game for the second installment, too.

Gabriel’s Rapture is a little trickier. I suspect that finding ways to split the story will necessitate some changes so that it can translate in script format, which means it won’t be a clean break from the book.

It makes sense that the first movie will move through Christmas in Selinsgrove, but it gets tricky because the logical point to end it would be a cliffhanger where Julia receives the letter about the Code of Behavior complaint from Dean Davis Aras, and where Gabriel reveals that Christa Peterson has accused him of harassment.

As Sylvain Reynard’s loyal readers know, Julia and Gabriel go on to Belize after these revelations, but my guess is that the first movie will blend those moments together. My guess is that it will end after they get back from their happy travels to find their letters waiting for them.

The second movie’s ending might be a little easier to predict. I think it will leave off at the end of Chapter 42, when Julia finally deciphers Gabriel’s coded messages to her. She runs outside to find that he’s outside her apartment waiting for her.

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I promise I have no inside information about Gabriel’s Rapture. As a fan and as someone who is intrigued by the movie-making process, it’s fun for me to try to figure out how the movies will come to life. There is so much material to mine in Rapture and we already know Passionflix will do an incredible job making sure that every detail comes to life faithfully. The first installment of Gabriel’s Rapture won’t be available until the fall, so that means there’s plenty of time to speculate about what we’ll see in each movie!