Everything’s Gonna Be Okay sends Matilda and Genevieve on a date

At over the halfway mark of the season, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay has nicely explored and developed the relationship between Matilda and Drea as well as Genevieve’s own relationship with herself and the world. This week’s episode was no exception as it focused exclusively on the sisters and their respective dates with minimal screen time from Nicholas.

Half of the episode follows Matilda and Drea spending a romantic night in Drea’s parents’ cabin (giving us an all-too-brief return of the lovely Richard Kind and Maria Bamford).

While Matilda freaks out almost immediately at the general rusticness of it all, Drea insists on forging ahead without any “grown-ups” but it doesn’t keep Matilda from being paranoid that something bad will happen.

When Drea finally breaks down and says that Matilda is hurting her feelings after all the hard work she’s put in to prove they can be independent together, Matilda apologizes, leading to an incredibly sweet and surprising conclusion after Matilda’s dalliance last week.

Meanwhile, Genevieve meets up on her first date with Oscar after attracting his attention through her YouTube channel. They explore an experimental art exhibit and share their feelings, something Genevieve is typically not good at, but mostly because she is reserved and doesn’t seem to know how.

As the date goes on, however, Genevieve seems to be opening up, even making the first move and kissing Oscar first. But then part of the exhibit leads Oscar to get too vulnerable, and her reaction is to pull back and laugh at him.

We haven’t seen Genevieve in a romantic setting before, but it’s not too surprising that she would be awkward and fumble the first go. However, her behavior almost seems to mirror Nicholas’s in the way that she instinctually mocks vulnerability, though perhaps for different reasons that will perhaps be explored in the following episode.

The season thus far has done a great job of functioning as a slow burn character study, particularly because the covid production restrictions haven’t allowed for as many interactions with other outside characters.

As a result, each episode, and “Regal Jumping Spider” in particular, feels like a meditative exploration of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’s central cast, something that can’t be said for many shows this light, earnest, and funny.

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