Is Passionflix making Fueled by K. Bromberg?

Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven
Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven /

Fans of K. Bromberg’s Driven Series have a lot to look forward to as Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomas return to their screens this summer on Passionflix. The Driven Series season 2 follows the events of the second book in Bromberg’s series, Fueled.

Joining the cast in season 2 is actor Michael Roark who will replace Casey Diedrick as Colton Donavan. Diedrick was unable to commit to seasons 2 and 3 due to scheduling conflicts so Roark stepped in, and his transition has been utterly seamless as he turns up the heat on screen with Olivia Applegate.

The first season followed the events in the first book of the series, Driven, and ended abruptly when Colton woke up from a nightmare and told Rylee to leave before she got too close to him. She was shocked to see his anger and fury. Can their budding relationship survive?

When will Fueled be on Passionflix?

Fueled will likely pick up immediately where Driven left off, just as it does in the books. The emotionally charged second book introduces more new faces, including Colton’s parents, and it sets the stage for the thrilling conclusion in the third book, Crashed.

Tosca Musk directed Fueled and Crashed back to back in the fall of 2020. Given the challenges of filming during the pandemic, it made sense to film both seasons together while the actors had time in their schedules.

Fueled is now in post-production and will be available at some point this summer according to the latest update from Passionflix.

It’s taking longer than expected to finish season 2 because the pandemic is hitting production at all levels and Passionflix has been juggling multiple projects, including the newest feature film Wicked, which premieres on May 27.

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Though summer is still a long time to wait, Passionflix has been giving fans a taste of what’s coming through exclusive behind the scenes set photos. As romance fans know, there’s nothing like delayed gratification…