Wicked: First teaser debut for Passionflix’s first paranormal romance

Anna Maiche in Wicked (2021). Image courtesy of Passionflix
Anna Maiche in Wicked (2021). Image courtesy of Passionflix /

Passionflix released the teaser for its first paranormal romance, Wicked, and fans are in love with Ivy and Ren. And Tink. Fans love Tink

Wicked is the bestselling first book in a trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s the story of fae hunter Ivy Morgan (Anna Maiche), who discovers that one of the fae she encounters could herald trouble for her beloved city of New Orleans. Ren (Liam Hall), a member of the prestigious Elite, arrives to help Ivy investigate.

Director Taryn O’Neill has been sharing behind the scenes sneak peeks with fans on Wicked Wednesdays, and she’s very excited to finally reveal the first teaser to fans. Here’s what she told Culturess about the release: “I’m elated to be releasing the teaser for WICKED today. Directing this movie and bringing Jennifer’s characters, words and story to the Passionflix screen has been an incredible adventure that I am so grateful for. I hope all the fans get as excited for the movie release as I am!”

Watch: First teaser for new Passionflix movie Wicked

When news of the teaser’s release was announced, fans were wondering if they would get a look at Andrew Rogers’ Tink. Tink is Ivy’s roommate and he’s a brownie, a tiny fae creature who shouldn’t be living with a fae-hunting Ivy to begin with. But they’ve become very close friends and he watches out for her…when he’s not running off with troll dolls and ordering lots of things on Amazon.

Wicked marks the first foray into the world of paranormal romance for Passionflix. Given that several cast members play faeries, the movie requires lots of special effects that aren’t seen in any other Passionflix movies. There is also a lot of fight choreography needed for the numerous battle scenes. The movie will be nothing like anything else on the streaming site, and it heralds a very exciting future filled with more paranormal romance.

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Wicked is scheduled to premiere on the Passionflix streaming service on May 27.