The Circle season 2: Let’s talk about Savannah

THE CIRCLE Savannah Palacio stars in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021
THE CIRCLE Savannah Palacio stars in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021 /

Warning: Spoilers for the first four episodes of The Circle season 2

Just a handful of episodes into the second season of Netflix’s reality competition The Circle, Savannah Palacio had established herself as a player to be reckoned with.

Smart, savvy, and busy building bonds with players throughout the game, it seemed like a lock that Savannah would probably go pretty far. She was half of the season’s first influencer duo, had formed a strong #GirlGang with Terelisha, Chloe, and Emily (who is actually a guy named Jack catfishing as a sorority sister), and even buddied up with Trevor (who is actually a woman named Deleesa catfishing as her husband).

But, in one of season 2’s first shocking twists, Savannah found herself the second player blocked – by former friends turned influencers, Chloe and Emily. That’s an awful big turn – literally from first to worst. What in the world happened?

Well, those of us who watch the CBS reality series Big Brother are far too familiar with this trend – playing too hard too fast out of the gate is a really easy way to get yourself evicted. Or in this case, blocked. Savannah not only let the power of winning the first ratings competition go to her head, but she also became too easily paranoid about her supposed allies.

Remember, like five minutes before they were sparring in the Circle Chat, Savannah and Terelisha were best friends who were going to go to the end of the game together! Talk about whiplash.

And it’s not like Savannah herself wasn’t doing the very things she accused her (former?) friend of. Sure, Terelisha didn’t want to block River and pushed to keep him around. But Savannah went hard to protect Courtney, in ways that were equally obvious.

Bryant ultimately ended up being the compromise choice – they had to pick someone, after all – but it is true that Savannah was much more okay with the decision than Terelisha was. Yes, it was because the two hadn’t ever really talked, but it’s hard to be angry with Terelisha for telling everyone that – or for noticing that Savannah and Courtney’s relationship was clearly deeper and closer than most other players suspected.

Basically, Savannah was in a really strong game position – and threw it away because she couldn’t stop trying to turn everyone against Terelisha. If there was ever a time to play calmly, this was it. But her need to be right ultimately cost her a chance at a hundred grand – and may have brought Courtney down with her.

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