The Walking Dead nominated for multiple Saturn awards

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 17 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 17 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC /

Other awards consistently overlook The Walking Dead, but the Saturn Awards have always recognized the way the AMC series elevates the game for genre TV. This year, The Walking Dead and some of its most popular cast members are nominated for a slew of Saturn Awards, and Fear the Walking Dead is nominated in two categories, including Best Horror TV Show.

Fear the Walking Dead came out of the gate for season 6 swinging hard. With amped-up production values and thrilling storytelling, the show is the best it’s ever been. That’s probably why it was nominated for Best Horror TV Show.

FearTWD will have to duel it out with The Walking Dead for the award because the latter was also nominated in that category. Other shows that received nominations for Best Horror TV Show include Creepshow, Evil, Lovecraft County, Servant and What We Do in the Shadows.

It’s nice to see both shows recognized for the outstanding work of the past year. The Walking Dead has recaptured the heart that made it so unique, and Fear the Walking Dead has finally become the show it always should have been.

Norman Reedus finally nominated

In season 10 of The Walking Dead, Daryl finally stepped into a leadership role and got some long overdue character development. That landed Norman Reedus a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show.

While Andy Lincoln is sorely missed on The Walking Dead, those who predicted that the show would crash and burn without him clearly didn’t realize that the show is packed with top-notch talent. And now the rest of the cast are finally getting their moment to shine.

Melissa McBride nominated for Carol’s role in the Whisperer War

Carol’s desire to avenge her son’s death at any cost put her on a dark path in season 10, one that made her confront her grief from the many losses she’s suffered, what kind of life she wants to live and what she’s willing to do to get what she wants.

No one but the artful Melissa McBride could have taken Carol on that journey and portrayed her with such subtlety, empathy and humanity. So, it’s nice to see that she’s been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show.

Colby Minifie from Fear the Walking Dead was also nominated in this category for portraying the villain that everyone loves to hate: Virginia.

Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series

Cassady McClincy from The Walking Dead picked up a nomination for Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series. This is for her portrayal of Lydia, the abused daughter of Alpha who was forced to confront her mother’s evil and take a huge leap of faith in leaving the Whisperers and choosing to stay with the survivors.

A Nod for Negan

Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was nominated for Best Guest Starring Performance on Television for his ongoing role as Negan on The Walking Dead. Based on whispers about his performance with his real-life spouse Hilarie Burton Morgan in the upcoming “Here’s Negan” episode, he may be looking at a nomination next year too.

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All together The Walking Dead and TWD actors were nominated in five categories, and Fear the Walking Dead was nominated in two categories.  Who do you think will win in their category? Tweet us @Sonyairyna and @CulturessFS with your picks!