Popular web comic Lore Olympus will be published in print this October

Photo: Lore Olympus.. Image Courtesy WEBTOON
Photo: Lore Olympus.. Image Courtesy WEBTOON /

The popular webcomic Lore Olympus is about to take things to the next level, or whatever the word for that is within the realm of book publishing. After a three-year run on Webtoon –  an app and web reader full of content creators telling stories in innovative, new ways –  the series will soon be available in a print version at your local bookstore.

(Don’t worry, though – you will still be able to read the entire thing on Webtoon for free.)

The series, which is a (sort of) modern retelling of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, is immensely addicting: Beautifully drawn and emotionally compelling, with plenty of appealing twist, charming characters and sly references to the stories of other gods and goddesses thrown in for good measure.

In Smythe’s version of the story, while the mortal realm exists firmly in the past, the world of the gods is set in our present, complete with cell phones, computers and tabloid newspapers. Besides Hades and Persephone’s perfectly agonizing slow burn romance, there are scandalous relationships, family drama, and at least a half-dozen ongoing stories about seemingly secondary characters. Some of whom are terrible (Apollo), some of whom are incredible (Hecate), and some who seem to exist somewhere in between (Hera).

Truly, if for whatever reason you’ve been sleeping on this incredible series till now? This. Is. Your.  Moment.

Because Lore Olympus is so darn good. Rachel Smythe’s gorgeous and compelling work has already been nominated for an Eisner Award, and an animated version of the series is in the works, thanks to a partnership between Webtoon and the Jim Henson Company.

The first volume of the collected Lore Olympus will include the first 25 episodes, along with an exclusive bonus chapter. Since the ongoing story currently clocks in at almost 150 chapters at the time of this writing, there’s every reason to hope we’ll see more of these collections in the not too distant future.

(That is most definitely not a complaint, by the way.)

Lore Olympus Volume One is slated to hit shelves on October 5.

Next. A Lore Olympus animated series is the good news the world deserves. dark

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