Broadway Across America raises the curtain on national tours

As musical theater fans long to sit at the foot of the stage once more Broadway Across America is giving them the positive news that they have been waiting for. Starting this fall, several national tours will be heading to local theaters. Are theater goers ready to take their seats?

For some theater fans, going to a Broadway show is more than just an evening of entertainment. From the first note from the orchestra to the final song fades, those moments in the dark are the solace that soothes the battered soul.

The return of national tours is a big step for Broadway Across America. As theaters learn to navigate guests’ return from this long intermission, it has been a winding road. Susie Krajsa, president of Broadway Across America, said “We have been working diligently with producers, booking agents, and other national tour representatives to reschedule and rebuild the lineup.”

How are local theaters handling the Broadway Across America returns?

Recently, Dr. Phillips Center announced its 2021 FAIRWINGS Broadway in Orlando Season. Starting in September 2021, the Walt Disney Theater will welcome guests to experience some of the biggest Broadway shows. Shows for the upcoming season include Hadestown, Tootsie, The Prom, and Disney’s Frozen.

Broadway Across America returns

Caroline Bowman as Elsa in Frozen. Photo by Deenvan Meer

While some theaters are still closed, Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando has found ways to bring live theater to the community. For example, its Frontyard Festival has been extremely well received. The organization has shown that with smart planning, the arts can bring people together.

Although September is a while away, Dr. Phillips Center anticipated that many theatergoers will be excited with the Broadway Across America return.

Lorri Shaban, public relations for Dr. Phillips Center said, “With guidance from AdventHealth, we’ve created and activated robust health and safety protocols.” Since Dr. Phillips Center has been welcoming guests back for months, it feels well prepared for the upcoming FAIRWINDS Broadway in Orlando Season.

As excitement builds for the return of live theater, one aspect has been debated. Many actors have expressed the importance of a full audience as part of the theater experience. According to Shaban, the FAIRWINDS Broadway in Orlando Season does have a ticket sales caveat.

Shaban shared, “In order for Broadway tours to return to any market, every seat must be sold. Right now, the touring group and show producers expect that by late summer, conditions will allow for a full house.”

For many people who long for that evening in the dark, staring at the stage, that performance is coming. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter or maybe it is that the curtain is finally rising, again.

Are you ready to return to the theater?