Giving Tuesday serves as a reminder to support live theater

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On this Giving Tuesday, live theater needs some holiday cheer. Here’s how you can help.

For many people, Giving Tuesday is a time to put others first. From small donations to purchases that give back, the annual fundraising event often focuses on many important charities. This year, let the holiday event put its attention on an area that is still cast in the shadows: theater.

Earlier this year, Joel Grey commented in a New York Times op-ed about the connection many people have to live theater. While not his direct quote, he discussed the concept of how live theater brings many people solace. But, when those theaters go dark, where do people find that connection?

While the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade gave a taste of live theater performances and Netflix and Disney+ have brought performances to the streaming platforms this year, it still doesn’t fill the void that has many people still seeking their solace.

Without performances, theaters do not have a revenue stream. Although many people long for the day to sit in audience and be part of that live experience, it may not happen for a while. As people wait, what can theater fans do?

In some cases, Giving Tuesday can be that moment to support live theater and the programs that foster the arts in the community. Even a small donation could make a difference for many programs.

Additionally, some theater communities are finding ways to adapt their programming under the current conditions. In areas where available, outdoor performances give live theater lovers a taste of the experience that they crave.

For example, Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando has created Frontyard Festival. Through a socially distanced box, the organization has found a way to schedule six months of performances. With the emphasis on reconnecting the community and the arts, this program is a viable way to keep the theater alive during these trying times.

Although this live theater idea might not be the solution in all areas, there are ways to keep the connection between live theater and the community. Even though the lights might be dim, they cannot be dark forever. Soon, the bright lights of the stage will shine bright.

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