The Soul of Jazz at Epcot celebrates America’s original art form

A new musical note comes to Epcot with The Soul of Jazz.

Celebrating America’s original artform, The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure at Epcot adds a new note to Disney theme park transformation. As “Soul” gives audiences a glimpse into the jazz art form, this new exhibit could spark a bigger interest in jazz.

Stepping into a Disney theme park comes with a soundtrack. Beyond the iconic songs that fill many theme park attractions, walking from land to land comes with many musical interludes. From the first note of a parade coming down the road to drum of a beat that builds excitement for the next adventure, music is part of the Disney experience.

As Epcot continues its transformation, Disney announced that a special jazz exhibit during a Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts event. Here is that announcement.


Set to open in February 2021, the special exhibit looks to explore the “colorful and surprising history of jazz.” Thinking about that particular phrase, the exhibit should be a bold exploration of both the music and the culture that has impacted the artform. Since jazz is often an expression of a moment, it will be interesting to see how Disney intertwines U.S. history with the musical influences.

As guests take a musical tour through New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and San Juan, it will show that jazz is more than just a musical genre. It is an expression of the people who play it. Whether it is a section of a piece or just a few notes, the impact on the listener is just as important as the impact on the person playing.

Since the Soul of Jazz at Epcot is an exhibit, it will be interesting to see how improvisation is handled. Since jazz is a living art form, that ability for the artist to create his own picture is vital. Even if there is some interactive element to the exhibit, it helps to keep the art form evolving.

Adding this exhibit to the American Adventure is a smart move for Disney Parks. Beyond the movie collaboration, bringing the jazz art form to a wider audience is important. Just like Disney can make food and cultural topics more approachable, this exhibit could bring a new love of the original American art form to a bigger audience.

The Soul of Jazz at Epcot exhibit will be at the American Adventure in Epcot World Showcase. Currently, Disney Parks has implemented health and safety protocols. In addition to valid admission, guests must have a theme park reservation.

What do you think of the Soul of Jazz at Epcot exhibit? Are you excited to see it?