American Jazz Music Experiences a Resurgence in Popularity


American Jazz music is the country’s only indigenous music. This American music is finding a resurgence in popularity and a new audience.

Music can convey emotions that are not easily said. From ultimate happiness to the depths of despair, music plays a significant role in our lives. While many forms of music have international origins, American jazz music, has developed within the United States. With its roots in the US, jazz is finding new audiences and a resurgence in popularity.

If you ask a millennial about jazz, they may be unable to name a major jazz artist. If they do, Tony Bennet may come to mind. With Bennet’s collaboration with Lady Gaga, the jazz singer brought the American music art form to a broader audience. Fans of Lady Gaga embraced the unlikely collaboration and, in turn, listened to music with a soul, depth, and heart.

Though this collaboration was a couple of years ago, jazz continues a resurgence in popularity. Not just the older generations seek jazz performances. All ages are finding more performances, artists and orchestras in their communities. One example is Orlando. Florida.

American Jazz Music, photo by Cristine Struble

Earlier this year, Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando, Florida announced the creation of a jazz orchestra. In the theme park capital of the world, the creative arts community showcased its commitment to the American music with this jazz orchestra. The performing arts center is committed to bringing jazz to audiences of all ages.

According to Dr. Phillips Center president and CEO Kathy Ramsberger,

"“When we announced the formation of the Dr. Phillips Center Jazz Orchestra in January, we confirmed our commitment to jazz for Central Florida as well as the global arts community. Prior to the 2014 opening of the arts center, we embraced this music form and planned to develop it into a center of excellence. With this orchestra, we now look forward to contributing to the legacy of America’s classic music with our extraordinary, talented jazz musicians led by the remarkable Rodney Whitaker,” said Kathy Ramsberger, president and CEO of Dr. Phillips Center."

On April 21, the Dr. Phillips Center Jazz Orchestra will make its debut performance at the Bernadette Peters concert. The newly formed group of 18 professional musicians will be special guests at Peters’ concert. This one night performance with the talented Broadway star showcases the jazz art form in a broader way.

After this special event, the Dr. Phillips Center Orchestra will have its debut performance on June 3, 2017. Titled Ellington for Lovers, the featured songs convey the glorious feeling of romance and the despair of heartbreak. Duke Ellington’s music can evoke a response, which is at the heart of American jazz music. Tickets for this debut performance go on sale April 21.

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Next time the kids are fighting over the next song on shuffle, surprise them with a selection of jazz. Start a conversation, embrace an emotion and join the resurgence in popularity for this truly American art form.