The Little Mermaid, A Heartwarming Musical At Dr. Phillips Center


Under the sea, dreams grow. But when the waves touch the shore, The Little Mermaid sees her dreams become reality.

The modern classic Disney tale, The Little Mermaid, takes the stage at Dr. Phillips Center Walt Disney Theater. Translating the animated movie into a stage production, the touring Broadway production uses lighting, stage elements and flying characters to transport the audience under the sea. Playing now through March 12, the musical is entertaining for audiences of all ages.

The Little Mermaid Broadway production has some classic elements from the Disney movie. Favorite songs like “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” remain but the musical has a broader tone. Ariel’s relationship with her father, growing up and becoming her own person are woven into the budding romance with Prince Eric. This story is as much about finding yourself as it is a romantic fairy tale.

Don’t be “A Poor Unfortunate Soul,” The Little Mermaid shouldn’t be missed at Dr. Phillips Center.

The Little Mermaid, photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center

The musical is filled with highly entertaining moments. While Ursula is considered the villain of the story, Jennifer Allen’s stage presence and booming voice endears her to the audience. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is definitely a show stopper. (Plus, the opening night technical difficulty was handled like a pro). Even though you don’t want Ursula to harm Ariel, you are eagerly anticipating Ursula’s (Allen’s) next number.

Throughout the performance,  quiet, reflective moments are balanced with moments of levity. From The chef’s  “Les Poissons” to Sebastian’s Caribbean infused numbers, even the youngest audience members are rapt with attention. The show is well paced with songs and spoken interludes.  When the final curtain call comes, it seems that the show was just beginning.

The Little Mermaid, Broadway In Orlando, photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center

In addition to the fabulous performances by the cast, the visuals are stunning. The scenes seamlessly transition from sea to land. The dark depths of Ursula’s lair convey fear while the colorful corals in Sebastian’s performance bring happiness. All the changes quickly transition even while cast members swim their way through air of the stage.

The Little Mermaid is part of the FAIRWINDS Broadway in Orlando series at the Dr. Phillips Center. The show runs through March 12. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online.

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What will you discover under the sea? The Little Mermaid might just help you make those dreams become a reality.