Ranking all of the songs on Taylor Swift’s evermore

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Taylor Swift

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Now that Taylor Swift’s evermore has been out for a while and we’ve all listened to it a thousand times, it’s time to rank all of the songs on the album.

Taylor Swift’s second studio album of the year, evermore, has received plenty of attention over the past couple of weeks — and rightfully so. The release serves as a stunning follow-up to folklore, even if the two albums do have their differences.

After many, many listens, I’ve finally settled on my ranking of the songs on evermore. Of course, it’s subject to change as I continue to listen to the album. Would I feel differently about this album if I weren’t single? It’s likely. Will “’tis the damn season” hit as hard in July as it does in December? Only time can tell.

15. “evermore”

It feels a bit strange that the titular song on this album is my least favorite. Maybe it’s because of my intense love of “exile,” Taylor’s superior collab with Bon Iver on folklore. Maybe it’s because I actually prefer the song with the same name from the 2017 Beauty and the Beast live-action movie.

14. “coney island”

This song coming in at #14 is a great way to show that even my least favorite songs on a Taylor Swift album are really good songs. Her collab with The National isn’t bad; I just don’t connect with it the way I do with the rest of the album.

13. “cowboy like me”

I love that the title of this song sounds like something that Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw would sing, so it breaks my heart that I don’t love the song itself more. I do appreciate that Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons, one of my favorite bands) provides backing vocals.

12. “ivy”

Of Taylor’s songs about affairs from the past two albums, I definitely prefer “illicit affairs.” That said, I love the mellow vibe of this song and Taylor’s very  poetic lyrics, including her plant metaphor.

11. “happiness”

Maybe it’s because of Taylor saying that “my tears ricochet” was inspired by watching the film, Marriage Story, but this song also reminds me of that film. And of course, any song that reminds me of one of my favorite movies is going to have a soft spot in my heart.

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