Fear the Walking Dead: The 5 best moments from ‘Alaska’

Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The third episode of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 had several hard-hitting emotional moments, including one very long-awaited reunion.

Fear The Walking Dead episode 603 “Alaska” continued a stellar season with another very strong episode, this time hitting everyone in the feels. Even though this was a very emotional installment, it still wasn’t missing the elevated action that has been consistently surprising fans in the best possible way this season.

Finding the new group of people in the office building lead by Nora was a surprise, but the office building scenes were memorable mostly for the claustrophobic feeling and at times toe-curling anxiety created by the office walkers and the rats that Al and Dwight have to fight to get Al to the roof.

The relationship between Al and Dwight was delightful to see. It felt very authentic and real and it was wonderful to see Dwight’s personality shine in a way that never happened when he was living Negan’s boot in The Walking Dead. Dwight did some terrible things, but he more than paid the price for them. He deserves some happiness now.

He got that happiness at the end of the episode in a scene that would reduce even the most hard-hearted fan to tears. There were many standout moments in this episode, most of them emotional, but all of them proving that this is definitely the best season of Fear The Walking Dead so far.

The embalmed walker

At this point in The Walking Dead universe, it takes a lot for a walker to be memorable. Either they need to be in a gross stage of decomposition or have some other unique characteristic that makes an impression, like the hive of bees walker on TWD: World Beyond.

Fear TWD did that this week with the embalmed walker who attacks Al in the funeral home early in the episode. Even after years of being submerged in the world of the dead that walker was creepy. There is something extremely unnerving about seeing what looks like a very recently alive woman wearing a dress and heels moving with the jerky movements of the walkers and trying to eat Al. It was a nightmare-inducing walker.

So. Many. Rats.

If you don’t like rats this was definitely an uncomfortable episode for you to watch. The rats in the walls and in the elevator shaft that accompanied Al and Dwight as they tried to find the least dangerous and quickest route up to the roof were horrifying and there were just so many of them.

One of the best things about this season is that they are really turning up the psychological horror aspect of the apocalypse world at the same time that they are turning up the danger that comes from being around people. It’s a master class in horror and I hope it stays consistent throughout the season because it’s amazing.

Dwight leaves Al a video message

It was difficult to pick the best moments in this episode because really there were so many, but Dwight’s video message for Al was one of the standout emotional moments in “Alaska”. Even though the message was short it was so heartfelt and delivered with authentic love and desire for Al to be happy that it was really a great moment.

The bond between the cast took a bit to finally gel but now it’s palpable. It’s obvious that this cast loves each other as much as their characters love each other and that makes these moments even more special.

Al’s conversation with Isabelle

Wow, this one hit hard. From Al’s split-second decision to tell Isabelle to stay away so that she didn’t get infected with plague to Al telling Isabelle it was good to her voice it was a conversation dripping in subtext. Both of them knew that they couldn’t acknowledge knowing each other on an open channel so they were carefully guarding every word and yet still managed to fill those words, and silences, with plenty of coded messages.

Isabelle asking Al if she was infected was taking a huge risk considering that her fellow CRM soldiers were listening but the action shows she cares. And Isabelle telling Al about the beer to get her to look in the crates and find the antibiotics shows that Isabelle may not be a True Believer in the CRM cause. At some point, these two will have to come face to face again, but for now, their brief interaction on the roof will have to be enough.

Sherry and Dwight finally find each other

The highlight of the episode though was Dwight and Sherry finally finding each other. After years apart and thousands of miles between them, they finally found each other, and it was the reunion everyone needed. Austin Amelio and Christine Evangelista have such a strong connection from working together on The Walking Dead that their reunion felt totally authentic and real.

This reunion was always going to be an emotional one but in the world today where so many people have spent long months estranged from their loved ones unable to hug them or be near them because of everything that’s going it was cathartic to see these two characters find delight and comfort and joy in just being near each other again. It was a reminder we all needed that no matter how bleak things get great sorrow will always be balanced out by great joy. Welcome home Sherry, we missed you.

Next up: “The Key”

In Fear The Walking Dead 604 “The Key” fans will get to see what’s been happening to John Dorie and how he’s surviving apart from June, whom he had just married when Virginia split them apart.

Hopefully, we will also get to find out if Dwight decides to fake his death and leave with Sherry as he told Al his plan was if he ever found her.

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