Fear The Walking Dead: Best moments from season 6’s “Welcome To The Club”

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Holly Currin as Janis- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Holly Currin as Janis- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead was another strong installment that hit all the right notes and delivered some surprises too.

Many Fear The Walking Dead fans were waiting anxiously for episode 602 “Welcome To The Club” to see if the show would continue to build off of the excellent season premiere last week. It did. “Welcome To The Club” was another solid episode that had a good mix of action and emotion.

In season 6’s second episode, the story pivoted from Morgan to Alicia and Strand, who were not separated because Strand made a deal with Virginia by giving her Al’s MRAP in exchange for Strand and Alicia being allowed to stay in the same community. But it turned out that it suited Virginia’s plan for the two to stay together because she had her eye on them as the future military of her communities.

Danie’s apparent memory loss was shocking, and it was also infuriating to hear that it was the result of an assault that occurred when he tried to get Skidmark back. Where is Skidmark? Fans need to know that he’s ok and he needs to be returned Daniel pretty quickly or fans will riot. Animals are sacrosanct in the apocalypse and messing with the animals that fans get attached to is never smart.

Hopefully Fear The Walking Dead can continue with the upgraded quality of the story, look, and character development that it has had so far this season because fans are loving season 6. If it keeps delivering moments like these highlights from “Welcome To The Club” it’s going to be a great season.

Here are our favorite moments.

Introducing Dakota

Fear TWD 602 marks the first appearance of Virginia’s sister Dakota, who may turn out to be an ally for the survivors who are biding their time until they can escape from Virginia’s rule.

Dakota, played by Zoe Colletti, tries to escape from Lawton and shows that she can handle walkers by saving Charlie from one of the molasses-covered walkers that the survivors are tasked with clearing. As time goes on it will be interesting to see what her dynamic with her sister is and if the survivors can exploit Virginia’s love for her sister which may be her only weakness.

Alicia gets her weapon back

After putting down her weapon in season 5 and trying to focus on personal growth rather than slide into the apathy that comes from being a capable killer in an apocalyptic world it was good to see Alicia get her signature weapon back and use it.

Based on the methodical way that Alicia and Strand approached the task of clearing the walkers in the warehouse, it’s clear that while Alicia may prefer not to kill she’s still entirely capable of it and when called on can still use her considerable fighting skills.

Charlie and Daniel are reunited

It was difficult to watch Daniel not remember who Alicia and Strand were, but watching him not remember Charlie was even harder to take because of the very special relationship they have.

It was a quiet moment in the episode but it was a heart-wrenching one that stood out because of Daniel’s sacrifice and Charlie’s attempt to make Daniel remember her. It must have been extremely tough for Daniel to not reveal to Charlie that he did know her because he cares about her so much. Even though the reunion was sad it was good to see those reunited… Now we just need to know what happened to Skidmark.

Strand makes a hero out of Sanjay

Strand had several significant moments this episode but the one that really summed up the return of Strand was him sacrificing Sanjay to the walkers to give Alicia, Charlie, and Janis an opening to take out the rest of the walkers before they got overrun.

Strand has been struggling to find his footing and this season it seems like he’s going to remember who he used to be, the guy he was when he first met Nick, only now he’s also going to use those survival skills to protect himself and the survivors he’s been with for so long.

Strand’s going to protect his family and as the head of Virginia’s army he’s going to have the means to take her down, even if it takes some time. Strand always plays the long game and works all the angles to his advantage.

Daniel and Morgan

One of the best moments of the episode came at the end when Morgan appeared and Daniel revealed that the befuddled, memory-impaired barber Daniel is just an act. It’s a brilliant act because it allows Daniel to get close to Virginia and her top people, find out about her plans, and see how the other survivors are faring as he is shuffled around the communities to cut hair.

Never count Daniel Salazar out, because we haven’t even started to see what he’s capable of. It’s thrilling to think of what changed Morgan and Daniel can come up with together to get their friends free and take down Virginia for good.

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Fear the Walking Dead continues this Sunday with episode 603 “Alaska”. The anthology format shifts to Dwight and Al this week in a particularly nail-biting and emotional episode that is not to be missed.

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