Sony unveils first look at PlayStation 5’s user interface

Sony gave us our first look at the PlayStation 5’s user interface, showing off the main home screen and navigating through additional screens.

The days are winding down until the PlayStation 5 releases on November 12. Most of us clamor for every new detail, no matter how minute or for what game.

Now, with just under a month to go, we have our first official look at the interface of the next-gen console thanks to Sony.

If you haven’t taken a look at the PlayStation 5 user experience, check it out below:

It’s not as sleek as I expected it to be, but it’s not overly cumbersome either. Everything looks fluid and loads almost instantaneously, which is to be expected for a next-gen console.

Some of the cooler things include the picture-in-picture mode for in-game hints or watching your friend who’s screen-sharing another game. That and the fact that if you’re in one game and want to hop to another, you don’t have to close the current game. Just pull up the control center, scroll over to the “card” for the other game, and head right in.

It also looks as though talking in a chat with friends will be as easy as clicking a button… and then making sure to remember to mute yourself through the PlayStation controller.

But my personal favorite aspect is the key objectives card feature. For example, in Sack Boy, you can pull up a video guide to a particular objective you haven’t quite completed yet and get “official game help.” That means if you’re a PlayStation Plus member and click on that particular card, you can pull up hints of where to go or even watch

That’s right, you won’t have to pause the game, pull out your phone, do a Google search, and try to find the best walk-through or help guide. It’s all in-game, keeping you immersed and focused. Of course, these are also subjective to the game you’re playing. And I’m sure they’ll be forever changing and adapting as people give their feedback.

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The PlayStation 5 releases on November 12. What are you most excited about with this next-gen console? Let us know in the comments!