Savor these 6 romance releases as we fall into October

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers
Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers /
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His Grumpy Childhood Friend by Jackie Lau

Jackie Lau‘s His Grumpy Childhood Friend is the second book in her Cider Bar Sisters series.

It’s been five years since Charlotte Tam has dated. Her last foray in the land of dating resulted in a public proposal at a baseball game. She still shudders just thinking about it. She’d never been so misunderstood by someone who supposedly loved her.

Charlotte, however, is not ready to give up on finding someone to share her life with. There has to be a man out there who will understand that beneath her grumpy, introverted, caffeine-fueled exterior is a woman who has no intention on changing but wants someone who accepts her for herself. Right?

Enter Mike Guo. Charlotte hasn’t seen her childhood best friend in 20 years. He’s handsome and charming, and fits the profile of a man her friend suggested she should date to get her back in the swing of things.

Nothing could be easier than dating a man with no strings attached and no worry of getting her heartbroken. Until, of course, Charlotte’s practice dates with Mike start teetering into the land of potential romance, which was not at all the plan.

Mike and her are too different, but her heart doesn’t seem to care — though Charlotte’s intuition is telling her Mike is keeping a secret, and that is something she definitely should care about.

His Grumpy Childhood Friend will be available October 27 in e-book format.