Savor these 6 romance releases as we fall into October

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers
Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers /
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The Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk

The Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk follows Beatrice Clayborn, a sorceress who is about to lose her powers. Bargaining Season is almost upon her, and if she finds an advantageous match as her family needs, her magic will be locked away by a marital collar. It’s meant to protect her unborn children, but to Beatrice it’s nothing but a cage. She wants to be a full-fledged Magus and study magic the way men are allowed, not be cut off from her source of power.

Desperate to escape her fate, Beatrice comes upon a grimoire that will help her become a Magus, but it’s stolen by a rival sorceress before she can make the book hers. Refusing to give up, she summons a spirit to get the grimoire back, but the spirit’s price is not what she expected. She has to waste her first kiss on her rival’s brother, Ianthe Lavan.

The Lavans are ridiculously rich. A match between Beatrice and Ianthe is exactly the kind of pairing her parents are hoping for, and, as she gets to know him, Beatrice begins to think maybe it wouldn’t be a waste after all.

Still, there’s her magic to consider. If Beatrice becomes a Magus she’ll lose Ianthe, but if she marries him she’ll lose her magic. It’s a dilemma that’s threatening to tear her heart in two.

The Midnight Bargain will be available October 13 in print and e-book format.