The Witches trailer teases a vibrant, zany take on Roald Dahl’s middle grade novel

Anne Hathaway in Roald Dahl's Witches. Photograph by HBO Max
Anne Hathaway in Roald Dahl's Witches. Photograph by HBO Max /

The first trailer for HBO Max’s The Witches teases a bright, zany adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s story.

Roald Dahl’s beloved stories, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, have received attention for years, earning themselves places among the children’s classics. Unfortunately, Dahl’s lesser-known novels have yet to see as much acclaim, but that’s about to change with HBO Max’s adaptation of The Witches. The movie follows a young boy and his grandmother, both of whom have the misfortune to run into a group of witches that despises children.

And if the first trailer is anything to judge by, it looks like Universal Pictures will take this story above and beyond, even despite the film foregoing its theatrical release and heading straight to HBO Max. The footage teases a zany spin on Dahl’s story, with Anne Hathaway in the spotlight.

Watch the trailer for The Witches here:

If you’re accustomed to seeing Hathaway take on more humble roles, all while pushing back against catty and cruel monarchs and fashion icons, this film looks to be a satisfying change of pace for the actress. The head of the evil witches, Hathaway shines in the first look at the film, bringing snark and style to her new role.

The October 22 release date is another reason to be excited, as this witchy film arrives just in time for Halloween. With spook and spunk to boast of, this adaptation is likely to be a popular watch this Halloween. Whether it’ll live up to the original story remains to be seen, but this first glimpse is a promising step in the right direction.

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What do you think of the first trailer for The Witches? Are you excited about this adaptation? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!