Stillwater #1 packs a harder punch than The Walking Dead #1 did

The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

Skybound’s new comic Stillwater is the best new comic out, it packs a hard punch and will leave readers gobsmacked by the end!

Has blasphemy been committed just by reading the title of this article? No! Skybound has managed to outdo themselves yet again with the release of their new comic Stillwater. This comic will leave readers absolutely stunned and immediately obsessed with the series. Chip Zdarsky, Ramón K Pérez, and Mike Spicer have created an amazing comic from start to finish with issue #1 of this series being incredibly epic.

From the moment I laid my eyes on the cover of the first issue of Stillwater, I was hooked. This cover is vibrant, horrific and so eye-catching that when many people see it they have to do a double-take and pause for a moment to take in all the details. When the synopsis is read, the interest just grows, and a conclusion of buying the comic is quickly reached, and WOW does it exceed expectations!

Readers might have clicked this article thinking, “a harder punch than The Walking Dead? This lady must be crazy,” however as a hardcore fan, with The Walking Dead comics decorating my office I can assure you I was just as shocked by that thought. The Walking Dead is beyond amazing and so is the first issue, however, Stillwater gave me feelings that I can’t say I had ever had before about a comic. Quite literally, I felt it punched me in the face with its story.

Warning: Spoilers for Stillwater ahead!

This comic starts with a character named Daniel who is very down on his luck. He was fired from his job and is now spending his time drinking away his sorrows. He has a friend supporting him throughout, with typical best friend banter adding in some laughs. A letter is delivered to him saying a family member had passed away and left him money. So the pair of friends start on a journey to unravel this weird letter and hopefully get a good payday.

As they get closer and closer to the town of Stillwater, things get increasingly odd. A gas station worker doesn’t know anything about the town even though it isn’t far away, and a peculiar police officer stops them for no reason. Even the characters are aware this seems like the plot of a horror movie. Then when the pair arrive at the town, it only goes downhill from there, weird vibes, no street names, and the law office they were coming too no longer exists.

Before the friends can begin a meal at a local diner they spot two kids playing on a roof and immediately get concerned. To their horror, one of the children is pushed off and falls a couple of stories to the ground and is bleeding. Naturally, they rush to the kid and try to find someone to give medical help, and they find nobody cares at all! They rush the kid into a local doctor where the child simply walks out.

Daniel and his friend are understandably shaken by the incident and start a scene in the middle of town. The officer they met earlier responds by severely beating Daniel while his friend is held back and forced to watch. The townsfolk tie both of them up and take them to the edge of town. There he explains nobody within the town limits can die and proceeds to shoot Daniels’s friend in the face right beside him. The comic ends with a woman rushing into the scene claiming that Daniel is her child. Talk about a WILD ride!

I have fortunately had the chance to read issue #2 and the only thing I can say is, it’s even wilder than the first issue. This should be a book all horror fans immediately add to their pull list. it’s absolutely stunning from the art to the story and every page you will be holding your breath with anticipation. Stillwater #1 is just the start of something that has the potential to grow into something just as large as The Walking Dead.

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