Doom Patrol renewed for season 3 as an HBO Max exclusive

Doom Patrol -- EP 209 -- “Wax Patrol“ -- Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Doom Patrol -- EP 209 -- “Wax Patrol“ -- Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Heartfelt weirdo superhero series Doom Patrol has been renewed for a third season, which will stream exclusively on HBO Max

It’s official: Superhero series Doom Patrol has officially been renewed for a third season.

The news was officially announced during the second half of this summer’s massive DC Fandome event, and Season 3 is currently slated to premiere at some point in 2021.

But like its DC Universe cousin StargirlDoom Patrol will be changing networks when it returns to our screens. Whereas Courtney Whitmore and friends will be making their new permanent home on The CW, the misfits of the Doom Patrol will be streaming exclusively on HBO Max.

This news probably shouldn’t surprise that many fans. The series’ second season was already released on DC Universe and HBO Max simultaneously. Plus, DC Chief Content Officer Jim Lee basically confirmed a month or so ago that all the DC Universe series would migrate over to HBO Max, which makes the streaming service the natural full time home for Doom Patrol. 

(What this means for the future of DC Universe as a platform is anyone’s guess, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it will be a destination for DC-focused original programming

“On behalf of the wonderful cast, writers and crew, we are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to return to Doom Manor. And we are especially thankful for our partners at Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, DC Universe and, of course, HBO Max,” Executive Producer Jeremy Carver said in a statement.

Doom Patrol’s second season was cut short thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, airing just 9 episodes instead of its scheduled ten. But the impromptu finale nevertheless ended on a rather significant cliffhanger, as Niles’ daughter Dorothy prepared to face off with the evil Candlemaker, as the rest of the team was trapped in wax.

Where its third will go is anyone’s guess.

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