Wynonna Earp season 4 episode 3 recap: They’re back

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp sees Waverly and Wynonna adjusting to life after their time-jump with varying degrees of success.

Following that shocking revelation at the end of last week’s episode, Waverly and Wynonna had an awful lot of catching up to do. For one thing, Rachel is now living at the homestead along with Nicole and has quickly become an integral part of the show. Unfortunately, Waverly and Nicole’s basking in the bliss of their reunion is cut short by a monster caught in a trap set by Rachel and Nicole.

Wynonna and Doc stumble upon people hanged in the center of town, but make their way to Shorty’s to find out what’s going on from Nedley. Once they arrive, the bar has been turned into a hip, commercialized version of its former self with none other than Chrissy Nedley managing it.

Chrissy immediately attacks Wynonna because she thinks that Wynonna killed her father, who apparently hasn’t been seen for as long as Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc have been gone. Chrissy places Wynonna under a citizen’s arrest and we find out that there is a new Sheriff in town by the name of Holt — one not as friendly as Nicole, which becomes clear when Wynonna is thrown into a cell with an eccentric half-demon named Casey.

Doc races to the homestead to tell Waverly and Nicole about Wynonna’s arrest, and they decide to track down Mercedes, since she was the last person with Nedley. With demons running amok in Purgatory again, a demon bar has set up shop and it’s called the “Glory Hole.” Leave it to Wynonna Earp to have a demon bar named Glory Hole that is run by a sexually ambiguous demon. Doc finds Mercedes, who is posing as a vampire performer at the bar, and she tells him that Nedley took off for the woods and is thought to be killed by the “People Eater” monster.

Back at the jail, the new magistrate of Purgatory, a superficial woman named Cleo, decides to play a little Hunger Games with the inmates and challenges them to a Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-off for Freedom. Waverly and Nicole show up at Shorty’s just in time to help Wynonna cook, though Nicole (who is now suffering from severe PTSD) eventually begins to worry about leaving Rachel by herself at the homestead and goes back.

Doc attempts to track down the People Eater and comes across an abandoned truck full of alcohol, which the Glory Hole demon owner was smuggling in since they are now a dry county. Doc comes across the People Eater and fires a couple of shots at it, but to no avail. It charges at Doc, who heads for the homestead. While they talk about ways to defeat the monster, Doc realizes the monster is actually Nedley. Rachel offers up her homemade kombucha, which apparently injured it in a previous altercation.

Despite the fact that Wynonna wins the chili cook-off, Cleo takes Wynonna to the edge of town and throws her down an embankment. Apparently Cleo often feeds the People Eater inmates of her choosing, though Waverly, Doc, and Nicole show up just in time to save Wynonna and turn Nedley back to his old crusty self with Rachel’s kombucha.

Nedley is reunited with his daughter, whom Wynonna urges to quickly get out of town to keep her safe. As Chrissy exits the town of Purgatory, she is stopped at a checkpoint, where her exit has to be approved by the guard’s “supervisor.” The supervisor steps forward and gives Chrissy clearance to go ahead, but Chrissy quickly whispers, “They’re back.” As she drives away, we see that the supervisor was Jeremy, who seemed shocked at the news.

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