Wynonna Earp season 4 episode 2 review: Friends in Low Places recap

On the latest episode of Wynonna Earp, Wynonna is finally reunited with her celestial sister, but the way hot WayHaught reunion reveals a huge twist.

In this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, we start with Doc and Nicole in The Garden facility where she appeared at the end of the last episode clothe-less. Doc attempts to give her his coat to wear but is impeded by a force field keeping Nicole in and everyone else out. He runs back up to the surface to try and find Waverly, who had wandered off after taking a mysterious book from the facility.

Doc finally finds Waverly, who is mumbling about their campfire being almost out when Doc delivers the news that Nicole is here. Waverly descends the staircase to find her beloved stark naked in a force field that now houses both Nicole and a cherry blossom tree. Nicole acts like she doesn’t know how she managed to get from the laboratory to The Garden, but Waverly minimizes her concern in exchange for the happiness the sight of Nicole brings her.

Back at the laboratory, Wynonna joins back up with Rachel to find Nicole, who is eventually shown to be on a lower level of the lab building with an injured leg. The audience is now aware that there are two Nicoles, though we’re not entirely sure which one is which. Wynonna and Rachel find Rachel’s dead mother, who was trying to lock down the other gateway to The Garden. After a brief standoff, Rachel agrees to help Wynonna rescue Waverly and they manage to open the door.

Back at The Garden, Waverly and Nicole make their way to the surface where Waverly finally realizes that this Nicole is an imposter because she tasted like sulfur when they kissed (eww). They struggle but Doc rushes to Waverly’s aid, as Nicole morphs into Wynonna. Doc manages to get the upper hand in the fight and stabs “Wynonna” with the shears used to decapitate the crazy guy in episode one. Waverly all of a sudden knows what to do and temporarily drains Doc’s life force, leaving her free to take her seat at the angel throne seen in the last episode.

The real Wynonna discovers the fake one pinned to one of the doorways in The Garden and eventually finds Doc. However, Doc thinks she is the evil Wynonna and attacks, though they call a truce once Wynonna recites their safe word, “Hollywood.” Only on Wynonna Earp would two characters use their safe word to verify their identities. As Wynonna hurries to stop Waverly, Doc takes another shot at the evil Wynonna, who is now referring to herself as Eve.

Wynonna reaches Waverly but it’s too late; she had already taken the throne, which created some sort of unseen barrier to keep in Eve trapped in The Garden. While Wynonna pleads with Waverly to come back to her and Nicole, Doc and Eve get into a knock-down, drag-out fight in which Eve assumes the identity of Jeremy. With one swift kick to the gut, Doc sends Eve flying through the doorway and possibly straight to Purgatory.

Wynonna convinces Waverly to return with her, so they meet up with Doc to find a gateway to escape. They finally find one that opens for them and they all go through, but appear in different locations on the other side. Wynonna and Doc meet up in the center of town, while Waverly makes her way to the homestead, where she is finally reunited with Nicole, who’s leg seems to be doing just fine.

The following love scene between Waverly and Nicole would’ve made the ladies of The L Word proud, and is something that is long overdue to be shown for these two ladies in love (that sound you hear in the background is the legion of WayHaught fans being dead for the entire thirty-second scene). At the conclusion of their “reunion,” Waverly comments that she loves Nicole’s new Little Mermaid vibes, referring to her much longer red hair. When Nicole explains that she just let her hair grow out, it finally dawns on Waverly to ask the question, “How long was I gone?” To which Nicole responds, “18 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days.”

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