The Boys season 2: Shawn Ashmore is playing a character very different from his X-Men role

The Boys brings Shawn Ashmore into the fold for its second season.

Remember in the first season of The Boys, when it was revealed that Starlight was taking over for Lamplighter, the member of the Seven who apparently “retired under mysterious circumstances”? Well, now we know exactly who is playing this mysterious character. Shawn Ashmore, who was once the character of Iceman in the X-Men movies, will be taking on the role of Lamplighter.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lamplighter “maintains the power of pyrokinesis, which he wields through his staff.” This means that he goes from playing a hero with the power of ice to a villain with the power of fire — and we are here for this!

While the Seven have proven to be a truly corrupt group of superpowered individuals, it seems that Shawn Ashmore’s character will actually have a direct correlation to The Boys and who they once were. This means that, while the Seven has always been an issue for our team of vigilantes, it is Lamplighter who had the most impact on the team and what happened to break them up years ago.

Shawn Ashmore Joins The Boys as Lamplighter

Considering the brilliant acting that we have already seen from the cast of The Boys — especially from Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Antony Starr — it feels like Ashmore is a perfect fit, even if it is a little hard to think about him taking on an anti-X-Men role like Lamplighter.

In the image released by The Boys showing off the addition of Shawn Ashmore to the cast, we see him holding a lighter and standing in the headquarters of the Seven. Although we don’t know if that is a present day image or from when he was a part of the team originally, it does give us the idea that we will see how Lamplighter interacts with the other members of the corrupt super team.

What do you think of Ashmore joining the cast of The Boys for season 2? Are you excited for this casting news? Do you think it will be interesting to see him taking on a role that is the opposite of his character in the X-Men movies? Tell us what you think in the comments.