His Dark Materials: 5 things we learned about the show’s second season from Comic-Con@Home

Photo: Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of HBO
Photo: Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of HBO /

Comic-Con@Home’s His Dark Materials panel featured the trailer for the show’s second season — and the cast dropped a few other interesting tidbits about the upcoming episodes.

The first day of Comic-Con@Home had several big moments in store for its virtual attendees, and HBO’s His Dark Materials panel was among them. The panel featured a conversation between executive producers Jane Tranter and Jack Thorne, along with cast members Dafne Keene (Lyra), Amir Wilson (Will Parry), Ruth Wilson (Mrs. Coulter), Andrew Scott (John Parry), Ariyon Bakare (Lord Boreal) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Lee Scoresby).

Prior to the discussion, the group revealed a special surprise for fans: the first full-length trailer for season two. From the footage, fans can surmise that the show’s second season will raise the stakes when it arrives later this year.

Watch the trailer for His Dark Materials season two here:

But while the trailer gave the most insight into the show’s upcoming season, the panel discussion did include some interesting tidbits from the cast about where their characters will go in the new episodes. Rather than solely looking back on season one, the group looked ahead to the struggles Lyra and those around her will face in season two — and that made the panel that much more interesting.

So, what were some of the things we learned about season two from the His Dark Materials panel at Comic-Con@Home?

Lyra’s in a Rough Spot

As fans might have guessed, Lyra’s going to be starting off the second season in a bit of a rough spot. Dafne Keene spoke about how her character lost her closest friend and her alethiometer at the end of season one, emphasizing that both events have caused her to lose faith in the world around her.

With no one left that she can trust, it’s going to take Lyra a while to come back from the trauma she faced at the end of season one. Luckily, if the trailer is anything to go by, it looks like her friendship with Will might help in that endeavor.

We’ll See More of Will

Will Parry’s storyline in season one was mostly separate from the other characters’ — meaning he often got less screen time than Lyra, Mrs. Coulter, Lee, and the rest. That’s going to change in the second season though, at least according to Amir Wilson. The actor spoke a bit about what it’s been like to have his character more involved in the main storyline, and we’re eager to see how he’ll fit into the show’s plot.

There’s also the fact that Will’s father will make an appearance this season, leaving Will to contend with all the feelings surrounding his departure and return. That in itself is going to be a major journey for him. Looks like he and Lyra will both have lots of grievances to air when it comes to their parents.

Mrs. Coulter Will Do Some Soul Searching

If you thought Mrs. Coulter was a complex character in season one, prepare for season two to give you even more mixed feelings about her. Ruth Wilson spoke about her character and the struggles she’ll be facing in season two — and while she didn’t get too specific, she did mention that she’s got a solo journey to go on.

It’s clear that Mrs. Coulter has mixed feelings about her role within the Magisterium, as well as her role as a mother, so fans can probably assume she’ll be exploring those emotions in more depth. With her constant back and forth, it’s hard to know if we should love her or hate her — but that’s why she’s so well written,

Lee’s Journey Is Cented on Lyra

Lee Scoresby and Lyra formed a bond last season that, according to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show’s second season will delve further into. It’s clear Lee cares for Lyra the way a parent should (though, unfortunately, Lyra’s own parents wouldn’t agree). And his second-season storyline will have much to do with his desire to protect Lyra and guide her in the right direction.

It’s unclear if this means Lee will spend most of the season looking for the girl, or if he’ll actually find her and accompany her on her journey. Whatever the case, Lee’s only going to get further wrapped up in her struggle with the Magisterium — and that spells bad news for him.

We’ll Learn More About Will’s Father

The panel and trailer were the first time fans got to see Andrew Scott as John Parry — beyond the photo of him from season one, that is. The inclusion of his character is an interesting development, particularly when it comes to Will, and it’s possible he could hold the answers about Dust that Lyra, her father, and the Magisterium are searching for.

After all, there has to be some reason for his departure from Will’s life. The trailer suggests he’s a well-trained adventurer, so it’s very possible he’s been hopping between worlds all this time. And if that’s the case, he may know more about the magic in these worlds than anyone else we’ve met.

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