Fashion Friday: ANISA Beauty is giving us the makeup brushes we need for summer

ANISA Beauty gives us must-have makeup brushes for summer

The summer months are upon us, and that means warm weather and sweat are here to mess up our looks. However, there is something pretty magical about breaking out some new makeup brushes, and what better time to do that than when you will need them more than ever. Luckily for us, ANISA Beauty has some must-have makeup brushes to get us through the summer.

If you are looking for some new makeup brushes to keep your summer looks fierce, you have to check out ANISA Beauty. We are talking about makeup brushes that are sustainable, but designed to last. And the fact that they are also cruelty free is an added bonus we can certainly get behind.

These multi-purpose brushes from ANISA Beauty are a Fashion Friday must

For this week’s Fashion Friday feature, we are looking at three specific brushes from the beauty brand – the Multi-Powder Brush, the Angled Concealer Brush, and the Pinnacle Foundation Brush. You can snag these brushes individually or as a set of three with a travel pouch.

First up, we look at the Multi-Powder Brush. This brush is more of a three-in-one tool, making it perfect for sculpting, shine control, and general powder placement. You can use this particular brush to apply your setting or foundation powders simply by sweeping the brush where you need it. To use it as a sculpting brush, it’s all about pressing the powder where it needs to be. And when it comes to shine control, flip the brush so you are using the back, top edge to define your look.

The Multi-Powder Brush runs for $40 from ANISA Beauty, but feels like a steal with how much you can do with it.

The next makeup brush in the collection we are looking at is the Angled Concealer Brush. Again, this brush does allow for use in other applications besides simply adding concealer. This brush can also be used as a highlighter brush. Use this for even and consistent coverage that looks smooth, while also expertly blending everything creams to powders.

The Angled Concealer Brush costs $28. (And yes, I’m good with this price too.)

Finally, we are talking about ANISA Beauty’s Pinnacle Foundation Brush, which is a must-have brush for any makeup lover. This brush features a triangular, domed brush head that allows you to hit those hard to reach type areas. Whether you are going for around the nose or under the eyes, this brush lets you hit the spot like a professional every time. This brush lets you apply those tinted moisturizers with ease, or continue the sculpting process with blush, contour, or bronzer.

The Pinnacle Foundation Brush, which is definitely my favorite brush of the trio, is $30. But right now, there is a special offer on this brush that if you buy two, you save $15, which is definitely a great deal for makeup lovers who fall in love with a brush like this.

If you decide you want all three of these brushes, you can also snag the Present & Perfect set, which features these three brushes in a clear travel pouch. This set costs $98, which basically means the pouch is free.

As a makeup lover, having new makeup brushes is always a treat in itself. And these brushes from ANISA Beauty are the perfect choice this summer. If you are looking for quality, this is it.

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Have you heard of ANISA Beauty before? What do you think of these three brushes? Will you be snagging new makeup brushes for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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