Batwoman season 1 finale review: Who can you trust?

Batwoman -- ÒO, Mouse!Ó -- Image Number: BWN120a_0104r -- Pictured (L - R): Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton and Ruby Rose as Kate Kane -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Batwoman -- ÒO, Mouse!Ó -- Image Number: BWN120a_0104r -- Pictured (L - R): Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton and Ruby Rose as Kate Kane -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved. /

Batwoman’s first season finale contained more than a few shocking moments — and put Kate on a dangerous and uncertain path going forward.

Even if “O, Mouse!” wasn’t meant to be Batwoman‘s first season finale, it did an impressive job standing in for the final episode, throwing quite a few curveballs viewers’ way and placing Kate on a dangerous and uncertain path heading into season 2. After the mass breakout from Arkham last week, Kate spends the majority of this week’s episode hunting down an escaped criminal referred to as the Titan — but while he’s a formidable opponent, he’s not the true focus of the episode.

(That’s not to say the fight scenes between Batwoman and the Titan weren’t fabulously choreographed, because they were. The series has really upped the ante when it comes to its action sequences lately.)

But instead of focusing on the escaped convict, this week’s installment shifts the majority of its focus on the rising tension between Batwoman and Jacob Kane, pinning the two of them against the same villain but also against one another. Kate makes efforts to work with Jacob as Batwoman, but the commander of the Crows is beyond listening to reason. His vendetta is an emotional one, and it’s not likely to end anytime soon.

Even Mary attempts to step in and convince her stepfather that teaming up with Batwoman is the right thing to do, with Nicole Kang delivering a stunning performance. Mary’s become the real MVP of the series these last few episodes, and it’s nice to see at least one of Kate’s family members supporting her no matter what.

Unfortunately, Kate has to contend with the fact that her father may never support her vigilante lifestyle, especially after he turns on her during the football stadium scene. It’s one of the most chilling moments of the episode when the Crows turn their guns on Batwoman — and even though she escapes, it’s clear by the end that Kate is hurt and betrayed. Thankfully, she has Team Batwoman to cheer her up, but that doesn’t make Jacob’s choices any less disappointing.

And Jacob’s decisions are likely to push Sophie away as well, since she genuinely believes in the hope Batwoman has brought to the city. Although the series has yet to truly build on the tension between these two, it’s bound to start doing so as Jacob continues to hunt down the Bat.

Mouse’s Fate

Speaking of chilling moments, “O, Mouse!” finally brings the tensions between Alice and Mouse to a head, revealing a tragic fate for both of them. It’s no secret that Mouse wasn’t happy to leave behind a comfy life with Alice to return to the sewers, and his frustration with his partner in crime has only grown since her desire for vengeance got stronger.

And after realizing that their dreams together are holding her back, Alice does the unthinkable, potentially putting herself beyond redemption, and kills the last person she truly cares about. Rachel Skarsten’s performance as Alice poisons Mouse and says farewell to him is devastating, and it highlights the fact that her decision has killed a part of her as much as it’s killed Mouse.

With no true ties to anyone, it’ll be interesting to see where the series takes Alice character — and just how far she’ll go before she finally confronts the emotions she’s trying so desparately to hide from.


Alongside the Batwoman vs. Jacob storyline and Alice’s plotting, there’s a small subplot that deals with last week’s reveal that Kryptonite is the key to destroying Batwoman. Obviously, Alice is searching for the substance, and Luke is doing everything he can to ensure whatever’s left on Earth is destroyed.

And Luke does successfully get rid of what remains, smashing it with a hammer (we’ll ignore the lack of details on that one). But, of course, Kate still has the piece of Kryptonite that Kara gave her during Crisis, and of course she refuses to destroy it. Fans can count on seeing that little green rock again, potentially in the hands of Kate’s enemies. (Why must vigilantes always be so noble?)

The Twist

It wouldn’t be an Arrowverse finale without at least one major twist, and the biggest one comes at the end of “O, Mouse!” Tommy Elliot has been pestering Alice for a face since she took his, and she finally delivers on her promise, working Tommy’s request to her own advantage. When Tommy looks into a mirror, he finds Bruce Wayne’s face staring back at him — and Alice’s plans for this new face are clear before she even opens her mouth.

The second season of Batwoman will likely see the return of Bruce Wayne, with no one any wiser he’s actually a villain in disguise. And with Tommy and that last remaining bit of Kryptonite in Wayne Tower, things may just get ugly. For Kate’s sake, we hope someone sees through his impersonation before it’s too late.

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