Travel Tuesday: Could new cruise wear fashion be a vacation requirement?

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While the cruise ships are docked, a new cruise wear fashion could be part of the next vacation experience. Will you be ready to adapt the new custom?

On a vacation, cruise wear fashion brings to mind many options. From the newest trends to a chic date night look, the suitcase is often filled with a closet full of choices. As the current pandemic causes many changes to the travel industry, could a new fashion accessory become a cruising requirement?

Looking at travel trends, cruising has seen an uptick in vacation plans. From the ease of travel to the cost benefits, cruising has become a popular choice with millennials and families and older travelers. The idea of a ship offering every luxury while traveling from locale to locale has a lot of appeal.

But, given today’s current climate, there is concern over the large crowds and finite space. Even though it might seem spacious, there is a limited amount of space for all the travelers. As seen recently, one person sickness can spread to others.

While the cruising industry has addressed hygiene with sanitizing stations throughout the ship, airborne illness can be difficult to manage. According to a recent People article, Royal Caribbean is considering a branded mask as required apparel for all guests.

As stated in the article, Royal Caribbean has applied for a Seaface Mask patent. The mask is said to be “sanitary mask for virus isolation purposes.” Although it is unclear how, when or if these masks would be used, the concept has both positive and negative implications.

Many travelers might feel more secure with the use of masks during many events. Whether it is during the embarking or disembarking process, there can be large number of guests all huddled together. Keeping germs to yourself is not necessarily a bad idea.

But, some people might not appreciate being told that a mask is required throughout her entire vacation. While it might be difficult to require a mask at a restaurant, who is not to say that the pool area or a theater wouldn’t benefit from the extra protection.

Still, the biggest problem is getting everyone to agree to the policy. As seen with current air travel, many people do not wear masks or other protection. Many people do not wear coverings to grocery stores or other areas. If a person is spending a large sum of money on vacation, do they have the freedom to act or wear what they choose?

There is an underlying question about personal freedoms versus the greater good. While vacations and adventures can appeal to a person’s sense of wanderlust, it is more than a personal escapism. From impacting the people around you to impacting the environment, travel does not happen in isolation. Making informed choices is becoming part of the travel equation.

While Royal Caribbean’s decision to secure the rights to a Seaface Mask is safety or business, the idea of a new approach to travel seems likely. From temperature checks to specific travel garments, just heading off on a new adventure will come with a few strings and possibly new cruise wear fashion.

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What do you think of the idea of a required cruise wear accessory like the Seaface Mask? Do you think that people will accept the potential travel changes?