Westworld season 3 episode 7 preview: “Passed Pawn”

Aaron Paul in Westworld season 3. Photograph courtesy HBO
Aaron Paul in Westworld season 3. Photograph courtesy HBO /

The penultimate episode of Westworld season 3 appears ready to finally show us the truth about new character Caleb Nichols.

No matter how impossible it may seem, Westworld season 3 is almost over. (It’s only eight episodes long, rather than the ten that comprised the first two seasons.) And with just two episodes left to go…let’s just say there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Which is why it’s both exciting and vaguely frustrating that it appears as though the season’s penultimate episode is going to focus on a character that’s only been part of the story for six hours.

On the one hand, it’s been clear from jump that there’s more to Caleb Nichols than meets the eye. From his hazy memory of various segments of his own life and his traumatic army history to Dolores’ oh-so-convenient “meet cute” with him in an alley, his character has constantly carried with him an air of mystery. And, thanks to William’s experience at Inner Journeys, we now know that Caleb underwent some of the same AR therapy during this time with the army. For what reason, is not yet clear.

Plus, an actor like Aaron Paul seems unlikely to come to a show like Westworld merely to play Evan Rachel Wood’s sidekick. There’s something still to come for him. Just a guess.

And now we may finally find out what it is.

The episode is named “Passed Pawn,” a title that opens an intriguing number of avenues of speculation. In chess, a passed pawn is one which has no opposing pawns to prevent it from advancing to the eighth rank (i.e. becoming a Queen). Who, exactly, is the pawn in position to rise here? Is it Caleb? Or could it be someone like Bernard, whose main role this season is still something of a mystery.

The official synopsis remains as vague as ever and could, quite frankly, apply to any one of almost half a dozen characters.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

But the episode trailer for “Passed Pawn” certainly puts the focus squarely on Caleb, which makes his character seem like the best guess.

How will Westworld manage to wrap up all the stories it has going on – from Caleb and Dolores to Bernard and WIlliam to Serac himself – in just two episodes? Your guess is good as ours.

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Westworld season 3 continues on Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO.