Supernatural will finish its final season despite production delays

Given the production delays due to the coronavirus, Supernatural has been forced to put its final season on hiatus — but its producer promises fans will get an ending.

Given the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that’s been putting the entertainment industry at a standstill, The CW has been forced to delay production on any series currently in production. This includes Supernatural, which is in the midst of its 15th and final season. With the shutdowns, however, producer Andrew Dabb announced that the show will have to go on hiatus until it can resume work on its final episodes.

Dabb assured fans on Twitter that 18 of the 20 episodes for this season have been filmed already, but with various departments closing down, it’s impossible to put the finishing touches on those installments. That said, Dabb eased any anxieties about not finishing out the series as planned. Fans will get to see how the Winchester brothers’ story ends — just a bit later than expected.

“And yes, we, the CW, and Warner Bros. fully intend to return and finish the series,” Dabb wrote in his Tweet. “It’s not a matter of ‘if,’ it’s a matter of when.”

Since Supernatural fans have been waiting about 15 years for the series finale, it’s a relief that this health crisis won’t completely derail the show’s big ending. It’s certainly less disappointing than the recent news about The Walking Dead‘s 10th season being cut short. At least the show will get a sendoff worthy of its run, even if the timeline is a bit hazy right now.

Dabb also promised there would be “special treats coming along the way,” though what he meant by this statement isn’t clear. Perhaps we’ll see some behind-the-scenes or additional footage to hold us over until the season picks up again. Whatever he has planned, it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

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