Travel Tuesday: 7 fun facts about Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland

(Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images) /

Indiana Jones Adventure is celebrating its 25th anniversary at Disneyland Park. Do you know these seven fun facts about the iconic ride?

Considered one of the most popular Disneyland attractions, Indiana Jones Adventure has numerous hidden gems throughout the ride. Whether you can recite the lines from the original movies or are just a fan of theme park attractions, this Disney Parks ride cannot be missed. Do you know these seven fun facts about the ride?

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, Disney Parks shares some fun facts about the Indiana Jones Adventure. While some aspects of the theme park ride have evolved over the years, even the most ardent fan might not know about some of these hidden gems.

Here are seven fun facts about Indiana Jones Adventure.

There Are 160,000 Show Programming Combos

While fans love to ride over and over, each ride experience can be different. Since each jungle troop transport has its own ride control system, there are 160,000 show programming combinations. Even if the differences are subtle, all these combinations make fans want to ride it again and again.

The Original Score From The Film Was Used

Since the music sets the stage for all the thrills, the original score from the Indiana Jones films was adapted. A 90-piece orchestra recorded the music. Whether it is going into a turn, heading into an off-road escape, or anticipating the awesome explosion, the excitement builds through the soundtrack.

It Lets Riders Decode Messages

Part of the Indiana Jones lore is decoding the mysteries. When the ride first opened, guests were given a decoder card. The code would translate the Mara-glyphic messages throughout the attractions. Today, the Play Disney Parks app has interactive elements to decode messages. It shows that Disney is always looking to evolve favorite rides and keep guests entertained. This evolution is another example.

It Includes a Nod to a Star Wars Character

Sometimes at Disney, there are hidden nods to other Disney characters or movies. In this Disney theme park ride, look for a special crate in Indiana Jones’ office. One box is labeled “Deliver to: Club Obi Wan.” The box is a reference to both the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, as well as the iconic Obi Wan Kenobi.

There’s a Special Surprise in the Spike Chamber

Even though guests are often told not to touch certain elements in a Disney Park, there is one element in the Indian Jones Adventure that is worth touching. In the Spike Chamber, there is a bamboo pole that says, “Caution Do Not Touch Pole.” If someone dares to tug on the pole, she will get a special surprise.

There Are Hidden Mickeys

Every Disney guest loves to discover hidden Mickeys, and this Disney attraction has a couple of Mickey references. Be sure to spot the skeleton who is wearing a Mouseketeer cap. Also, there is a Life magazine featuring Mickey hidden in the office. It goes to show that it pays to be observant when experiencing an attraction.

You’ll Discover New Things Each Ride

The attention to detail is everywhere on this attraction. From the more than 1,300 props in the queue to more than 2,000 replicated skulls, no detail was left untouched. Just like varying ride experience, there are numerous details to be discovered or re-discovered.

To celebrate the Indiana Jones Adventure 25th anniversary, Disneyland will be offering special merchandise. From Funko Pops to tshirts and even a special Dole Whip, it is the perfect time to rediscover why this Disney attraction is such a classic.

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What is your favorite Disneyland ride? Did you know these fun Indiana Jones Adventure facts?