Travel Tuesday: Hey Stranger Things fans, it’s time to book your trip to Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania, former century-old Lukiškes Prison, Strangers Things filming location, photo provided by Go Vilnius | the Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania, former century-old Lukiškes Prison, Strangers Things filming location, photo provided by Go Vilnius | the Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius /

While it might not look like the Upside Down, Lithuania will look eerily familiar in the upcoming Stranger Things season 4. Are you ready to book a trip to experience it?

Have you been watching and re-watching the Stranger Things season 4 trailer? While the desolate snowy images might have some wondering what could have happened to Hopper, those images are based on a real location. Ready to hop on a plane to Lithuania?

Many travelers pick their next destination based on their favorite movies and shows. One emerging destination, Lithuania is seeing an influx of travelers who are looking to visit some iconic movie locations. Why is the city of Vilnuis attracting these productions?

While sets and backdrops are staples in the film industry, real-world locations can inspire both stories and actors. Lithuania, and specifically Vilnuis, had a one key element that was perfect for Stranger Things 4: the infamous Likiskes Prison.

Although the capital city of Lithuania has a rich history, the century-old Likiskes Prison had the look and feel that seems to fit the suspected storyline for the upcoming season. Given that this prison just closed about a year ago after over 100 years of use, the location has been through several regimes. From the Nazis to Soviet Russia to modern day, this prison could offer a few clues about the upcoming season, as well as the “mysterious American.”

Watch the Stranger Things 4 teaser here:

According the director, fans have much to anticipate in the upcoming season, and maybe a reason to visit Lithuania.

"Director Shawn Levy remarked, “From the start, Stranger Things has been inspiring all of us lucky enough to work on it. My adventure here in Lithuania in bringing the reveal of the ‘American’ to life has been a huge challenge but an even bigger inspiration, and we are so thankful to the city of Vilnius and the beautiful country of Lithuania for their hospitality. The Duffers and I have been working alongside the brilliant Netflix team for months to pull off this surprise. All the hard work was worth it, however, to bring our fans—the greatest fans in the world—this epic reveal they’ve been hoping and waiting for. And this is only the beginning.”"

While this quote might not reveal big details about the season, it can serve as an option to book a trip to Lithuania. Although tourists will want to view the prison from afar, the cast has been filming around the country. Whether you wait for the season to air or explore potential shooting locations, fans are always looking for ways to connect to their favorite Netflix show.

For example, look at how many people sought out the closed “Starcourt” that was used in Stranger Things Season 3. So many people traveled around Georgia trying to find all the various shooting locations. In a way, that travel excursion is like putting themselves into the series world.

While people are speculating on various angles for season 4, it appears that Lithuania (or Russia in the show) will be a big feature. With several months shot on location, it will be interesting to see how that snowy, cold region becomes its own character as the series continues.

Given the region’s storied history, it has become and will continue to be a popular shooting location. Prior to the Netflix production, Chernobyl was filmed in the area. For the pop culture fans, there are many scenes and locales that could be interesting to explore.

As more clues and visuals are revealed, fans might want to step into their own “American” reveal in Lithuania. It could be the new travel adventure that could take a person to another world.

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Would you travel to Lithuania to see where Stranger Things 4 was filmed? Have you ever planned a vacation based on a movie location?